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Serb Authorities Cancel Belgrade Pride

Jim Burroway

October 1st, 2011

Serbia’s Interior Minister Ivaca Dacic announced yesterday a total ban for Sunday’s Pride parade in Belgrade, along with all other public events planed for the weekend. Citing last years violence by anti-gay nationalists and skinheads, another government official cited planned violence by “hooligans” and said that Serbia’s National Security Council ordered police to cancel the event due to “extremely serious security threats”. Goran Miletic, the Pride parade’s organizer, condemned the move as a capitulation:

“We are shocked,” he said. “With this the state capitulated … a democratic state should be able to guarantee two hours of security to its citizens.”

Serbian Riot Police follow as the Gay Pride Parade moves along a street in Belgrade

Serbian Riot Police follow as the 2010 Gay Pride Parade moves along a street in Belgrade.

Interior Minister Dacic said that more than 100 police officers were injured in rioting that broke out during last year’s march. Those riots caused widespread damage throughout Belgrade, and the headquarters of the ruling Democratic Party was burned. Dacic estimated that as many as 5,000 security personnel would be needed to protect this year’s Pride.

Serbia has run into several obstacles in its bid to join the European Union, including relations with its former Yugoslav neighbors, ongoing disputes over Kosovo, and concerns about Serbia’s commitment to protecting human rights. Opposition leader Cedomir Jovanovic said the ban “demonstrates the government’s cowardice and weakness.”



October 2nd, 2011 | LINK

So if we start burning churches, will they ban Christianity?

October 2nd, 2011 | LINK

Thank god Dacic doesn’t practice medicine–he’d poison every infant before they contracted chicken pox. Then again, chicken pox is more pleasant than the Serbian skinheads (then again syphilis probably is too).

paul canning
October 2nd, 2011 | LINK

Pride organisers managed a small, brief demonstration yesterday

Tom in Lazybrook
October 2nd, 2011 | LINK

The police aligned themselves with Dveri, an anti-Gay organization dedicated to the banning of all human rights for Gay Serbians. The Interior Minister is a Milosevic supporter (remember Srebrenica and Kosovo) who appears to be unwilling to do their jobs. The justice ministry appears to also be involved with nullification as no extremists have been jailed for violence or threats of violence against Gay people.

The only person convicted of extremism after last year’s violence, Obradovic, is somehow still outside of prison (he was sentenced to 2 years in jail, but he hasn’t seen the inside of a jail cell yet, I doubt he ever will) and able to claim the SUPPORT for his anti-Gay protests from Serbian Orthodox Priests.

Anti-Gay protesters are on the streets of Belgrade today. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to get jail terms. The ban is only for Gay people. It isn’t for Orthodox anti-Gays or Partizan football thugs. Or for Dveri. Or for Nasi 1389. Or for Obraz.


1) No freedom of speech
2) No freedom of petition
3) No freedom of assembly
4) No freedom of association
5) No freedom of expression
6) A captial overrun with violent thugs who the police either will not or cannot control.

In short, a failed state. And a state where the Orthodox Church is claimed as a supporter by violent thugs (Obradovic) without correction/sanction by Patriarch Irinij.

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