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Report: Malawi Only “Reviewing,” Not Repealing, Anti-Gay Law

Jim Burroway

December 13th, 2011

Malawi’s Solicitor General Anthony Kamanga is now backing away from last week’s report that Malawi was reviewing a number of laws infringing on basic human rights, including that nation’s colonial-holdover law criminalizing homosexuality. According to Voice of America:

“I wouldn’t say backing away is the right word. There are a number of other laws that have also received public comments, and what the government is doing is, we are taking the opportunity to look at all those laws, and we are referring those laws and provisions to the Malawi Law Commission.  We are hoping that, as a way forward, we can have specific recommendations,” he said.

President Bingu wa Mutharika

Other laws include one which prevents citizens from obtaining injunctions against the government, another one which allows President Bingu we Mutharikato call snap elections for local governments, and another which allows the government to shut down newspapers. Mutharika’s increasingly autocratic tendencies have earned the attention of foreign donor nations. Earlier this year, a Wikileaks cable revealed that the British ambassador warned his London superiors that Malawi’s President was becoming increasingly autocratic and intolerant of criticism. Mutharika responded by proving the ambassador’s point and expelled him. Britain then began cutting aid to Malawi as a result in July 2011.

Meanwhile, Malawi’s Daily Times reports that President  Mutharika has condemned what he calls “cultural impositions” at a forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations in Doha, Qatar:

Said Mutharika: “There should not be any nation on this earth that looks down or marginalises the cultures of other countries including their traditions.

“No culture should be called primitive because primitiveness is the state of mind. Civilizations serve a people for a particular time and they cannot be primitive as long as they are useful to those people.”

Laws criminalizing gay people are typically defended with appeals to African traditions and arguments that homosexuality is a Western import.



December 13th, 2011 | LINK

Yeah, nothing primitive about carving girls’ clits out because they’re useful to society in keeping them oppressed LOL.

The west for too long has carried these mediocre, opportunistic hellholes. And for what? So the corrupt oligrachs in these countries can pocket the foreign aid money?

Mark F.
December 13th, 2011 | LINK

“There should not be any nation on this earth that looks down or marginalises the cultures of other countries including their traditions.”

What about the well established “tradition” of Middle Eastern and Western countries taking Africans for slaves? What about the “tradition” of African tribes arranging for their enemies to be delivered to slave traders? Yes, we have to uphold “tradition” at all costs!

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