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  1. stanJames
    January 4, 2012

    I would never go to Jamaica, and I advise all my friends to go to eg Iceland for vacation.

    Beautiful country, wonderful people. in a full week there I saw only 3 police in Reykjavik.

    One place I did see more police – in the gay pride parade where about 40% of the people come out to support their gay friends and neighbors.

    Who now have full civil marriage rights voted in in 2010 by 49 t0 0.

    2 police arrested a kid for drinking a beer.

    the third was walking a beat – it turned out he was the captian of the uniformed branch.

    BTW Iceland had 2 murders in all of 2009.

    Baltimore – near where I live , population adjusted, has two murders twice a week.

    January 4, 2012

    it was a surprise win for all concerned in as far as the numbers of seats in the house 42 pnp to 21 jlp she has the 2/3rds majority + needed to change/remove entrenched matters in the constitution but her suggestion to review the buggery law hence moving to a conscience vote while is the correct thing to do has me concerned, will the other 41 members on her side also vote yes to the removal of the buggery law? seeing the thought of this being a politicallly suicidal hot-button.

    Given the public anti gay history of some of the elder members of her own party in previous years including her predecessor PJ Patterson (who was rumoured to be gay also) or the former Attorney General A.J Nicholson (who blasted gay marriage and use all his powers to keep the law on the books essentially) both of whom hold powerful positions and influence in the pnp still this is going to be interesting if and when it plays out, she also has to contend with the fact that her mandate was given from a low voter turnout with hardcore supporters voting while the undecided and the opposing JLP supporters abstaining instead of making that X on the good side internally though they are allies but are they willing to be out themselves or become political martyrs for the cause?

    the cynicism is high on the ground despite her win and the strong perception that her party was funded by gays overseas is not sitting kindly in some quarters … plus she has to settle the nerves of restless govt workers who are worried about job cuts, a renegotiation of the IMF arrangements as she promised and jobs jobs jobs for the rest of the younger unemployed populace, her work is cut out for her and she has very little time to fool around or celebrate, the nation in essence has sent a message that no more will political parties get second term chances to prove their worth as was usually the case, u will be put to pasture if you don’t deliver and do so quickly … the jlp is first one term govt in our history

    luv from Jamaica

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