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Santorum on discrimination

Timothy Kincaid

January 6th, 2012

CBS News:

“I have a question and it’s about gay people,” asked the first man to be called on at a Santorum town hall meeting here today. “They are children of God too. Do they have the right to marriage? Do they have the right to serve in the military? Should they be treated like any other citizen? Under your presidency, would you protect their rights or would you diminish them?”

Santorum answered that he doesn’t believe marriage or serving in the military are inalienable rights, but “privileges,” adding, “It’s not discrimination not to grant privileges.”

It’s not discrimination not to grant privileges? Really?

The sad thing is that he probably believes it.

Yeah, I know it’s a cheap shot. But really, Rick Santorum is just… well, not very bright. It’s not only that his policies are not well thought through or that his views are theocratic. It’s the man… he’s just… okay I’ll say it, Rick Santorum is stupid.



Tim Stewart
January 6th, 2012 | LINK

I don’t really think it’s a cheap shot. If he truly believes in the ideology he professes, then he’s stupid. Ignorant might be a slightly more polite word to use, but it’s certainly not a cheap shot.

Hope you had a great holiday Timothy, and happy New Year.


January 6th, 2012 | LINK

I have to confess, when I first heard of Rick’s “Google problem,” I felt like it was rather harsh. Not that his man-on-dog comparison wasn’t harsh, but I just shrugged it off as, “well that’s to be expected from a homophobe.” But…the more I listen to this guy, the less I feel sorry for him, and on the same coin, I can’t say he doesn’t deserve his “definition.”

I vaguely recall his excuse as to why we shouldn’t have SSM marriage, is because paper towels are not the same as apples. Or something like that. I don’t think he’s stupid…not overly anyway, he’s just highly desperate, desperate of trying to explain why gender should be the barrier for marriage. But I say let him talk, let him bury himself to the ground, and take the other homophobes with him.

Lindoro Almaviva
January 6th, 2012 | LINK

I am praying every day that this man IS the Republican candidate for president, because it would be the funniest campaign ever.

Tim Stewart
January 6th, 2012 | LINK

Funnier than McCain/Palin?

Lightning Baltimore
January 7th, 2012 | LINK

Ah, yes, one of those coveted privileges granted only to the unique and special bringing together of a penis and a vagina. An event so incredibly rare that it must be protected at all cost!

January 7th, 2012 | LINK

“Privilege”? As far as marriage is concerned, the Supreme Court has disagreed with that conclusion — um, conclusively — in 18 decisions going back over 120 years, all of which found marriage to be a fundamental right. (Maybe he’ll take a cue from Gingrich and have all those justices arrested — retroactively.)

As for military service, when I was a lad it was considered to be one of one’s responsibilities as a citizen. It’s only a screwball like Santorum who could consider enlisting to go somewhere and kill strangers a “privilege.”

Let’s just combine the conclusions of Timothy and Tim: Santorum is stupid and ignorant.

Jay Jonson
January 7th, 2012 | LINK

Yes, his self-righteousness is matched only by his stupidity.

Mens sana
January 7th, 2012 | LINK

I think Guest’s “desperate” hits the right note.

Santorum’s views derive from his reading of the Bible, but he cannot call that extensively on the Bible in a political campaign without looking like a kook.

So, he flounders, grabbing any idea that will keep his doctrinaire prejudices afloat, no matter how illogical or inconsistent.

January 7th, 2012 | LINK

A 40-watt brain with a bamboo filament. As my grandmother says.

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