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  1. Priya Lynn
    February 9, 2012

    Jim said “The BBC has since made a slight modification to their report (which still carries the false headline “Uganda MP revives anti-gay bill but drops death penalty”)”.

    Damn, I wish I would have checked that before I sent the BBC complaint department a “Thankyou” email for updating the story. That really makes me angry.

  2. Paul in Canada
    February 9, 2012

    BBC is now reporting that Bahati has said the Bill was reintroduced as originally drafted as a “procedural” or technical requirement but that the death penalty would be removed if the Bill moves forward.

    Say what? Either the BBC has yet again mis-quoted their ‘sources’ or there is something really shady going on in Uganda!!

    Either way, Western media seems to have an impact on Uganda’s spin of this issue and the more we can keep this in the public the better chances we have of the government continuing to ‘distance themselves’ from the Bill and Bahati.

  3. Jay Jonson
    February 10, 2012

    These people are simply bigots and should never be trusted. You give them too much credit as reasonable people. Of course, they lie, they misrepresent. Anyone who hates homosexuals the way these crazy people will certainly not shy away from committing any other crime.

  4. Priya Lynn
    February 10, 2012

    I replied to the BBC complaints department noting the false headline on the Ugandan anti gay bill. They replied:

    “Dear Ms Lynn,

    Our headlines must be fairly short and therefore summarise the story.

    The MP who has drafted this bill has told the BBC that he is no longer calling for the death penalty in some instances and is adamant that it will be dropped, even if for procedural reasons it still appears in the text of the bill.

    Therefore, I stand by our headline – the MP has dropped this clause.”.

    I sent a reply:

    Mr. Winter, Bahati has lied before about the death penalty being removed
    from this legislation. The MP has not dropped the clause until it is
    removed from the legislation. When reporting on this please check the
    actual legislation to see whether or not it has been dropped rather than
    relying on Mr. Bahati’s possibly false assurances.


    Priya Lynn

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