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The Daily Agenda for Thursday, April 26

Jim Burroway

April 26th, 2012

Press Conference To Spotlight Scott Lively’s Visit To Draper Park Christian Church: Oklahoma City, OK. A broad coalition of community leaders and pastors — including some pastors who don’t otherwise fall on the pro-gay side — are coming together for a news conference today to talk about Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively’s speaking engagement at a local church this weekend. The unusually broad-based coalition felt compelled to come together after learning that the author of The Pink Swastika, which blames Nazism and the Holocaust on gay people, will preach to the Draper Park congregation over three days this weekend, including during three Sunday services. The news conference will take place at the Church of the Open Arms (3131 N Pennsylvania Ave, OKC) beginning at 1:30 p.m.

Soulforce Equality Riders Visit George Fox University: Newberg, OR. The Soulforce Equality Ride, which had been traveling across the U.S. visiting schools schools that openly discriminate against LGBT individuals and their allies through their policies and practices, will visit with students at George Fox University in Newberg, about 25 miles south of Portland. But this time, the Equality Riders will be among friends — literally — because GFU is a Quaker university. While their time on campus is not open to the public, they will meet afterwards at Coffee Cottage Cafe (808 East Hancock Street, Newberg) from 1:00 to 3:00.

Then from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m., the Equality Riders will be back in Portland for a talk about Building Inclusive Communities at Central Lutheran Church (1820 NE 21st Ave). More details can be found at the Soulforce Equality Ride website.

Pride Celebrations This Weekend: Beaumaris, Wales, UK; Philadelphia, PA (Black Pride); Phuket, Thailand and Potsdam, Germany.

Celebrations This Weekend: International Bears Meeting, Sitges, Spain; Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Miami, FL; Splash South Padre, S. Padre Island, TX.

AIDS Walks This Weekend: Kansas City, KS and Utica, NY.

State Department Continues Homosexual Purge: 1950. In February of that year, Deputy Undersecretary of State John E. Peurifoy revealed in testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee that the State Department had gotten rid of 91 employees accused of being homosexual (see Feb 28) After that news of that testimony exploded onto newspapers across the country (see Mar 23, for example), Peurifoy was appointed ambassador to Greece and Carlisle H. Humelsine took over his post at the State Department. In testimony made public on April 26, 1950, Humelsine told the House Appropriations Committee that the purge of homosexuals from the state department was continuing, with the number forced out rising to 148 since 1947, with eleven more cases under investigation.

“There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind and there is no doubt as far as the State Department is concerned, that a homosexual is a security risk,” Humelsine told the panel. “We treat homosexuals as security risks. We are not attempting to run a campaign of going after people because of the fact that they have an illness. I think homosexuality is a type of illness. A homosexual, in my opinion, is just as sick as a person who has a cancer or some other disease. But it is absolutely apparent to us that these people are also security risks and we want them off our rolls. And we are going to get them off our rolls.”

If you know of something that belongs on the agenda, please send it here. Don’t forget to include the basics: who, what, when, where, and URL (if available).

And feel free to consider this your open thread for the day. What’s happening in your world?



April 26th, 2012 | LINK

You gotta love it when anti-gay pastors of a large community have to come together to criticize the Draper Park Christian Church on their selection of anti-gay speakers. It exposes their own hatred, however veiled it is.

April 27th, 2012 | LINK

once more for the hard of hearing – it is not hatred to condemn those who spread hatred and lies. It is not intolerance to not tolerate others intolerance. Scott Lively is a liar and a fraud and spreads hatred and lies. Denouncing him is a *good* thing, not an act of hatred.

“We hate gay people. and look at how they persecute us because we hate them. They are so hateful. Why can’t they tolerate our hatred? Gays are so intolerant.” Um, yeah… I don’t think so.

April 27th, 2012 | LINK

Whatever you say Desiree. Scott Lively spreads extreme hatred and lies. While others who oppose gay rights might not be as extreme as Scott Lively they twist and turn in their seats as they see part of themselves in Scott Lively and others like him. The simple truth is that people do not choose their sexuality. I feel that you know that fact. The history of injustices and hatred in this country against people who have same sex attraction could fill libraries …….. and it continues.

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