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Timothy Kincaid

September 4th, 2012

I guess every movement has it’s fair share of idiots.

Remember when some portion of the Occupy movement decided to protest Wells Fargo Bank during San Francisco Pride? Yeah, that was pretty stupid. But not nearly as stupid as the latest from the Occupy movement’s idiot fringe.

From the Oakland Tribune:

An offshoot of Occupy Oakland, upset that the city’s Pride Festival was charging for admission, went on a vandalism spree Sunday, breaking windows at a Bank of America branch and tagging buildings and a police vehicle with anarchist graffiti, police said.

There is a certain mindset which thinks that they are admirable and noble for engaging in vandalism and the destruction of property. They certainly don’t want their property destroyed or their neighborhood tagged with someone else’s views, but when they do deplorable acts it’s for good, you see.

And while they might insist that they be compensated for their efforts (“dude, I friggen grew it myself”), it’s evil capitalism that the Pride committee expects everyone to kick in to help cover costs.

They are idiots.

The Sears at Broadway and 20th Street was tagged with red spray paint that read “Destroy Capitalism” and “Queer Riots Now.” A vacant building on the corner of 19th and Broadway was tagged with “Queer Revolt.”

Less than a block down on Broadway, the Community Bank of the Bay was tagged with an anarchy symbol and the words, “Queers: Burn Banks.”

Yeah, idiots.



September 4th, 2012 | LINK

And I’m willingly moving to that state in a few days. *sigh*

Regan DuCasse
September 4th, 2012 | LINK

As I recall, the Boston Tea Party was actually white men, disguising themselves as Native Americans so that the Indians would be blamed for the riot.

My cynical mind thinks the queer tagging was perhaps someone wanting gay folks to get the blame?

After all, aren’t gays blamed for everything bad that happens or the bad behavior of het people all the time?

Just sayin’!

September 4th, 2012 | LINK

I don’t think so, Regan. In Massachusetts I met my fair share of “queer activists” (read: socially resentful genderqueer outcasts) and they fit these actions perfectly. One of them was a devout Gandhi follower that refused to believe Gandhi was prejudiced and had associates who destroyed Hindu temples depicting same sex acts by the divine. They’re all about narratives and icons.

September 4th, 2012 | LINK

Just to make it clear, I support the broader Occupy movement. A few fringe freaks are irrelevant to the message of impending oligarchy in this country.

September 4th, 2012 | LINK

The Southern Poverty Law Center and the San Francisco Bay Guardian have both done articles about an extreme right wing group whose tactic is to infiltrates leftist demonstrations and create chaos with racists, homophobic anti-immigrant actions. They are from an Eastern European/ Slavic church in the Sacramento area. A few years ago they attempted to take over the Student Council at one of the community colleges. The church provided the “Sodomy is Sin” crowd at the Prop 8 trials. Unfortunately, I don’t have the dates of the articles (they were both just a couple years ago), the names of the church, or the names of the participants, but this would definetly
fit their tactics

September 5th, 2012 | LINK

Tim – if you’re moving here willingly, then don’t bitch about the place.

September 6th, 2012 | LINK

You know Tim, I don’t know what your issue is with the Occupy movement, but your stories on them and others lately are coming off prejudicial (like you have some ax to grind). It’s seriously turning me off to your posts.

I also believe the Occupy movement is important you’re reporting of them has been seriously sloppy. Like when you said you

For example, I can think of very relevant reasons for protesting Wells Fargo, housing foreclosures being just one of them, but also for the recent Justice Department investigation that found that Wells Fargo mortgage brokers charged higher fees and rates to more than 30,000 minority borrowers across the country than they had borrowers who posed the same credit risk.

And as you quoted from your source, “An offshoot of Occupy Oakland…” That’s similar to saying a fringe group (which practically every protesting group has) was responsible for the vandalisms.

So your insinuations that the entire Occupy movement is to blame for the vandalisms which you do with your repeated “they insist” or “they are” statements and your biased and insufficient coverage of the movement is what I’m finding to really be stupid.

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