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Ugandan Gov’t Web Site Admits Anti-Gay Laws Are Foreign Imports

Jim Burroway

September 14th, 2012

The recent arrest of British national David Cecil for producing a pro-gay play in the Kampala suburbs has gained significant notice worldwide and inside of Uganda. Cecil, who produced the play “The River and the Mountain” depicting the harsh treatment LGBT Ugandans face in that homophobic society, was charged yesterday for “disobeying lawful orders” for staging his play in two smaller venues around Kampala after the Uganda Media Council banned its performance at the National Theatre. The Uganda Media Council regulates all media and productions inside of Uganda. Cecil faces two years’ imprisonment if he is found guilty of the charges.

One recurrent theme inside Uganda is that Cecil’s arrest is more evidence that homosexuality is “un-African” and is a western import. In an undated post, the Uganda Media Centre, which serves as a press office for the Ugandan government, has picked up that theme and goes further. In an op-ed penned by Joseph Jabo (who has a habit of railing against gay people) and posted on the Uganda’s Media Centre’s web site points out that Uganda’s anti-gay laws are British in origin:

It is ironical that (David Cecil), a British National, would blatantly disregard Uganda’s Anti-Sodomy Laws and go ahead to produce a homosexual play (and have it performed on Ugandan soil) when his British forefathers are the ones who introduced Anti-Sodomy Laws in Uganda in the first place! The still-relevant anti-sodomy laws are based on Christian principles (Genesis 19, Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:24-31). Uganda is not the only country where homosexuality is illegal. Homosexuality is illegal in more than 70 countries worldwide and 41 out of 54 countries in the British Commonwealth uphold anti-sodomy laws.

And, of course, Christianity itself, along with Genesis, Leviticus and Romans are all western imports as well.



September 14th, 2012 | LINK

So, I’m missing the part where the blame is placed for colonialist meddling. I guess they don’t object so much when it is Scott Lively & company who is doing the meddling.

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