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NOM’s fantasyland poll

Timothy Kincaid

November 9th, 2012

Cue the calliope, Kellyanne Conway is back with some more charmingly imaginative polling numbers. And just as a creative mind can almost believe that the beribboned wood-carved creations bobbing up and down are a real pack of wild horses, if you dream real hard and listen to the music, Conway’s polls can almost seem just like real ones.

But even at the Happiest Place on Earth, the music stops. And the wooden horse is just a wooden horse.

And, so too, when the giddy moment of make-believe ends, Kellyanne Conway’s “polls” remain nothing but tools for frauds and manipulators to try and convince themselves and others of things that simply are not true. And so it is to Conway’s ‘the polling company, inc.’ that the National Organization for Marriage has turned for consolation over Tuesday’s losses.

In some sad delusional effort to flash bright lights and play jingly music, NOM brings us this:

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today released the results of a nationwide survey of voters conducted on Election Day that shows 60% of Americans who voted in the election favor marriage being the union of one man and one woman. The survey, conducted by respected pollster Kellyanne Conway’s firm ‘the polling company, inc.’ is consistent with a national survey they conducted this past September showing 57% of Americans then believed marriage should only be the union of one man and one woman.

“The outcome of the marriage votes in four very liberal states has caused some to speculate as to whether the American people have changed their views on marriage. This scientific poll shows that the answer to that is, ‘no’ they have not changed,” said Brian Brown, NOM’s president. “This survey shows that 60% of voters believe marriage is one man and one woman, which is consistent with the 57% result ‘the polling company’ found in September.”

How was that poll conducted?

Conducted by the polling company, inc., the survey interviewed 800 randomly selected people who actually voted.

You may note that the familiar language about “statistically valid random sampling methodology” was not used. Instead they opted for that phrase most associated with convenience sampling. And cues one that their results have about the same reliability as one would find by “randomly selecting” people at your local mall. That is, not much.

And the question?

Do you (ROTATED) agree or disagree that “marriage is between one man and one woman”?

Well let me ask you, do YOU disagree that marriage is between one man and one woman? I don’t. I’ve been to several marriages that were between one man and one woman. I just also happen to believe that marriage is between one man and one man or one woman and one woman.

Which pretty much means that this means nothing. It’s a garbled response to a deliberately confusing question asked to people that were not selected to reflect the populace or the voters. But it’s presented as though it has meaning.

It’s kinda sad, really.

When your best bet is to present a fantasy, a whimsical ride on a merry-go-round, you pretty much have no reality to rely on. And you know it. When you resort to candyfloss polling, it’s because you know, you know with certainty, that any real poll would show you a world much more real than you can stand seeing.

And while this kind of nonsensical fairy-tale alternate reality may be appropriate for light lifters like Brian Brown, it’s embarrassing to see educated once-thoughtful people like Robert George or Maggie Gallagher associated with this level of story telling and myth mongering.



Rob Tisinai
November 10th, 2012 | LINK

I haven’t been able to find any demographic information on the poll’s respondents, have you?

NOM may have learned its lesson. Last time they revealed a sample’s demographics, it turned they had skewed their age groups way up.

November 10th, 2012 | LINK

Umm…isn’t this how the Republican’s managed to convince themselves that Romney was going to win the election, by diddling the polls until they got the result they were looking for? Déjà vu.

November 12th, 2012 | LINK

Brain Brown apparently highlighted the poll during a conference call with NOM’s donors.

Given the total inaccuracy of the right wing polls during this election, I wonder if those donors actually buy this poll. Given the results on Tuesdays, its really hard to believe that they can continue to excuse away the general march towards greater public approval towards SSM.

Scott Rose
November 12th, 2012 | LINK

When were Maggie Gallagher or Robert George “once thoughtful” people? In the 90s, Gallagher published a column saying that she was “unwilling” to live in a country that gives rights to homosexuals. Robert George has made an entire career out of being a virulent anti-gay bigot. That he continues to be based at Princeton University, publishing and pushing anti-gay lies with an Ivy League university’s name attached to the published lies should be considered an obscenity. NOM/Robert George now are marketing an “expanded” version of his hate speech essay “What is Marriage?” though worldwide professional anthropological associations have already condemned its slighting of gay people in history as inaccurate and unscholarly. It is the Princeton Board of Trustees who bear the accountability for permitting anti-gay lies to be promulgated under their university’s name. The Witherspoon Institute is housed right on the Princeton campus and is a ground zero of anti-gay hatred and propaganda. Witherspoon president Luis Tellez, who is a NOM board member, attracts an endless flow of anti-gay-rights, religious right wing dollars to Princeton, and in exchange, the Princeton Trustees look the other way when Witherspoon-associated Princetonians publish anti-gay lies with the Princeton name attached. Professional scholarship is not an op-ed, but Princeton has whored itself out to this cabal of anti-gay bigots. The notorious Regnerus study was organized by Witherspoon; Witherspoon program director Brad Wilcox recruited Regnerus and then collaborated with him on the booby-trapped study design. (Wilcox also is a member of Princeton’s James Madison Society). Wilcox’s collaboration with Regnerus on study design has been documented to the public for over 6 weeks, but Regnerus and Witherspoon continue lying to the public, saying that no funding agency representatives were consulted on study design. Wilcox is a member of the Princeton community, lying to the public about a supposed scientific endeavor.

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