Just cuz sometimes crazy is tied to crazy – AND SOMETIMES NOT

Timothy Kincaid

November 27th, 2012

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now about Angus T. Jones, the ‘half’ in CBS’s Two and a Half Men denouncing the moral character of the television show in which he stars.

I’m on Two and a Half Men, and I don’t want to be on it. Please stop watching it, and filling your head with filth. People say it’s just entertainment. Do some research on the effects of television and your brain, and I promise you you’ll have a decision to make when it comes to television, especially with what you watch.

I certainly would agree that the show is an inappropriate choice, but that’s because it’s insipid and banal and will rot your brain until is oozes out of your ear and drips on your collar. But as for “filth”, meh.

I also think that if you make millions off of a television about which you think others should not watch, perhaps the “moral” thing to do is to politely resign. And if you think that people should not watch they show, then give back the money they paid you. But that’s just me.

What I find interesting is that Forerunner Church is aligned with and seemingly based on the International House of Prayer. Which was in our commentary just last week.

UPDATE: When this story broke, the Associated Press reported that the video was posted by Forerunner Christian Church in Fremont. Oooops. (WaPo)

NEW YORK (AP) – In a story Nov. 26 about Angus T. Jones, the teenage actor in “Two and a Half Men,” criticizing the show as “filth” in an online video, The Associated Press misidentified the organization that posted the video. It was Forerunner Chronicles in Seale, Ala., not Forerunner Christian Church of Fremont, Calif.

I haven’t found any connection between Forerunner Chronicles and either the Forerunner Christian Church nor the International House of Prayer. So it seems that this particular dose of crazy is sitting out there by itself.


November 27th, 2012

What does Forerunner Church have to do with 2 1/2 Men?


November 27th, 2012

Someone out there Kirk Cameron is fuming at no longer being the most well known washed-up actor to find Jesus.


November 27th, 2012

I think the show is brilliant: writing (some of the best and most stylish on TV), acting, directing, and producing. I feel very badly for this boy. He’s now apologized. We might stop to think of the extraordinary pressures he must be under, which he would not seem well equipped to resist. For myself, I don’t approve of children working in movies or TV. But if his parents are going to put him up for shows it would seem to me they have an obligation to educate and care for him. I can only imagine the effect this has had on cast and crew, to say nothing of the producers. I think it’s a pity and I hope they can work it out.

Clearly he’s being exploited and clearly he’s not mature enough to know what he’s doing. But then, he’s 19.

Jim Hlavac

November 28th, 2012

I find it amazing that TV is blamed for anything really, for the same problems existed 1,000 years ago, and there was no TV. Indeed, one of my favorite bunch of stories is of Charles the Fat, King of France, and the troubles he had with the students at the University of Paris in the 880s — what with the lewd behavior, pornography, hookers, graffiti, rapes, pillaging nearby villages, drunken brawls, stabbings, etc etc etc — Charles was busy – he did not blame TV, no. There’s no record of what he blamed. Maybe just youthful indiscretion; maybe the Devil.

Still, if this 1/2 a man now thinks his show is causing the social ills he’s both delusional, and should engage in whatever redemptive measures he feels necessary — starting with giving away all his illgotten gains, self-described, to the alleged victims he admits he injured.

Timothy Kincaid

November 28th, 2012

Sorry, Tristram.

Forerunner Church is the church that the Half gave his testimony to. I believe it’s where he attends (though there’s some confusion about that as he is also reportedly Seventh Day Adventist and Forerunner is not).


November 28th, 2012

Some folks think he’s a hypocrite, but I’ve got a degree of sympathy for the dope. He’s been on the show since he was what, ten? It’s quite possible his objections to the show are ones he’s only recently been able to think through and articulate. Another thing people say is that he ought to break his contract and give his earnings to charity if he really believes all the stuff he’s saying. Personally, I’d like to think I wouldn’t compromise my firmly held principles for a huge salary, but I have my doubts. Now if I were a nineteen-year-old who’s been through both the child star and the conservative evangelical church experiences, I’m not sure where my head would be at.

David L Rattigan

November 28th, 2012

I don’t think the Forerunner Christian Church you linked has anything to do with the Forerunner Chronicles. The latter is definitely a Seventh Day Adventist ministry. They just happen to share a name.

From the Forerunner Chronicles website:

This apostate church was the first to unite the entities of church and state in the year 321 A.D., in which “Constantine the Great” changed the Bible Sabbath from the Seventh Day of the week to the First Day of the week (from Saturday to Sunday).

The Sabbath, the Lord’s special day of rest, is the seventh day of the week and not the first. And the last time I checked, the seventh day is Saturday my friends, and not Sunday. Jesus himself said in Mark 2:28 that he is “Lord of the Sabbath”. Which, once again means that, Saturday (which is the seventh day of the week) and not Sunday (which is the first day week) is the LORD’S DAY.

Richard Rush

November 28th, 2012

Perhaps Jones’ main problem is that, at the cusp of adulthood at age nineteen, he would like to escape the specific identity/activity he’s been known for since he was a ten year old child. That doesn’t seem so unreasonable. By his citing the rarefied loftiness of religion and God, he may convince himself and others that he’s not just being rebellious, difficult, or ungrateful. But that’s not to say he really wasn’t lured into religion.


November 28th, 2012

The Chronicles Group and the Forerunners Christian Fellowship (That’s the official name of the IHOP group, they are not called the Forerunners Church, that is a 7th Day Adventist Group, and not related to IHOP) are NOT the same thing. Also, if one does some research, one would note that the Forerunner Chritian Fellowship ministies connected to IHOP are in Kansas City, MO and their website proclaims they are for the Kansas City population, it’s hard to link these groups together.

Yes, a few similar names, but the actual Forerunners Church is NOT affiliated with IHOP, that is a group called Forerunners Christian Fellowship, and it even states that name on the IHOP website.

I know you are not a “reporter” but could you get the facts right so you are not misinforming people of a connection that does not exist?

Timothy Kincaid

November 28th, 2012

I realize that I did not lay out the details which led me to state that “is aligned with and seemingly based on the International House of Prayer.” So let me walk you through it.

The name immediately drew my attention. In Christendom, the selection of a church name often intentionally based on similar names of other churches with whom the church shares perspectives. This doesn’t mean that they are affiliated, and sometimes is accidental, but quite often suggests a fellowship between them. That’s what inspired me to look closer.

So I went to the website of Forerunners Christian Church in Fremont (on the east side of the San Francisco Bay), the church that was reported to be hosting the video.

And on their “About Us” page, I found their “Vision and Calling”:

Our Vision and Calling

“To prepare an army of forerunners who have a burning passion for, and are willing to share the burden of prayer with Christ, who reign this world by holiness in the end-time.” This is the vision of FRCC. In May of 2002, through God’s guidance, we purchased a 10.4-acre school campus in Fremont, California. God revealed that His purpose for this campus is for it to be used as a “Revival Base”, which now consists of a sanctuary/training center building with prayer and ministry rooms, classroom buildings, and student housing.

This reminded me of the IHOP structure and is reflective of the language of those who align with that ministry. And then I found the first link, a subscript on that page:

[1]The International House of Prayer is located in Kansas City, Missouri. Their daily 24-hour worship, praises, intercession, and prayers for many countries and cities started in September 19th, 1999. The URL for the International House of Prayer is at the Friends Of The Bridegroom website: http://www.fotb.com

A search of their site provided a second link, the speaker at their Winter Conference was :

David Sliker is currently director of the Student Ministries Department at the International House of Prayer Missions Base in Kansas City, Missouri, where he lives with his wife, Tracey, and their three children, Riley, Lauren and Daniel.

David’s primary calling is as an intercessor, and his primary delight is the House of Prayer; he has a heart that burns to see the church prepared for the days ahead, walking in the fullness of the Beatitudes of Christ and the highest of God’s plans for the end of the age.

And then I found the closest and most FRIGGING OBVIOUS connection, their training center which lists a number of instructors starting with their pastor and then Mike Bickle. Mike Bickle is the founder and pastor at the International House of Prayer.

And as to Forerunner Christian Church being Seventh Day Adventist, this is their worship schedule:

Friday Night Youth and Sunday Morning English Services are located in Multi-Purpose Room (MPR).

If you know anything about the SDA, you’ll get a chuckle out of that.

David L Rattigan

November 28th, 2012

Wrong church.


November 28th, 2012

If you go to the IHOP webpage you will see that they are affiliated with FORERUNNER CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, not Forerunner Christian Church:


The kid is involved with Forerunner Chronicles, which is a different Organization:


. Yes, similar names, not the same church.The reports I have read say that The organization that hosts the Forerunners this kid is involved in are out of Alabama.


You got two different organizations confused. Sorry, but it’s true, they are not the same.

Dave H

November 29th, 2012

If I made disparaging comments such as these about my employer or my employer’s product, I would probably be fired. At least it would be a “career-limiting move.”

This young man may be just 19 and can be excused for some poor choices, but I suspect he is about to learn a real-life adult lesson the hard way.


November 29th, 2012

Dave, his last example of how to deal with the 2 and 1/2 Men production is Charlie Sheen. He made millions off his crazy tour and now has a new hit show revolving around the things he enjoys. Maybe Angus is angling for his own tee vee program on a second rate channel…

Timothy Kincaid

November 29th, 2012

Actually there are three organizations and I didn’t get them confused. AP reported incorrect information.

Forerunner Christian Fellowship is the program affiliated with IHOP. It is the name of their small group program which the wife-murderer was seeking to be involved with.

Forerunner Chronicles hosted the video. It has nothing to do with IHOP.

Forerunner Christian Church was reported by AP to have posted the video. They did not. Howere I was correct my illustration of their links to IHOP. They don’t seem to be a subsidiary or formally affiliated with IHOP, but they are clearly aligned and appear to have based their structure on IHOP.

Are we all in agreement?


November 30th, 2012

Tim, one quick view of the video of Angus would have told you what organization he was connected with. THe Forerunner Chronicles name is ALL over the video and one can’t miss it, that is if one does any research and doesn’t rely on the AP for it’s entire story. Funny how today we have a story on the front page about how the AP does indeed give false information. But then again, you fought every single individual who tried to tell you that you were in error, only to finally have to concede the error, while trying to claim that you were duped by the AP. Funy, everyone telling you that you were wrong was met with derision and a snarky post about how right you were. If you were so right, even against all the proof that people provided you, why did you have to post the clarification and the actula acurate information.

Funny how you even went to the sites and couldn’t see the difference. But then again, now we will wait to hear how you are not a reporter and all that. You had multiple sources telling you the correct information and you ignored it. In your own words, “So, let me walk you through it”….you were wrong, you refused for days to acknowledge the truth, and you ignored every ounce of proof given and now you cry and blame the AP. You really need to develop some sort of moral center. You always blame your mistakes on others. Not an attractive trait, but common in republicans.

Timothy Kincaid

November 30th, 2012

Very well, Robert. You are entitled to see this as you wish and to believe whatever suits your fancy.


November 30th, 2012

I just believe the truth, Timothy. I gave you the correct information as did others, yet you then proceeded to tell us why you were right and we were wrong, denyint the links and information provided. You just couldn’t admit what your readers were telling you was true. So, I will see this as it is. And that does suit my fancy.


December 2nd, 2012

“I certainly would agree that the show is an inappropriate choice, but that’s because it’s insipid and banal and will rot your brain until is oozes out of your ear and drips on your collar. But as for “filth”, meh.”


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