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Report: Uganda Parliament Passes Controversial Oil Bill Clause

Jim Burroway

December 7th, 2012

Via the notoriously anti-gay tabloid Red Pepper:

The parliament of Uganda on Friday passed the contentious Petroleum (Exploration, Development, and Production) bill into law bringing to rest the controversy surrounding clause 9 that gives the  minister for Energy unrestricted powers to grant or revoke oil licenses.

The bill was passed with 149 Members of Parliament voting in favour while only 39 MPs voted against the bill, an indication that the ruling National Resistance Movement had used its overwhelming majority in the house to its advantage. 188 Members of Parliament were in attendance.

There are 375 members of Parliament, meaning that the 188 members present make up a bare majority of the full House. There is some caution to be had in this report — the Red Pepper is, this very week, publishing a spashy cover story accusing the manager of the national football team of “sodomizing” teammates. And this report would be surprising in that the Parliament didn’t publish an Order Paper today, which seemed to indicate that the body was not due to meet.

But if the story is true, then it means a three things: 1) The rest of the Petroleum Bills are likely now to sail through Parliament, complete Museveni’s power grab, 2) the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is up next, playing its role as the designated diversion away from Museveni’s legalized theft of the country’s oil wealth, and 3) Red Pepper accidentally committed an act of journalism.

I’m still looking for further confirmation. I think it would be wise to take this report with a heaping dose of salt until more reputable news sources weigh in. But I wanted to get this out there in case the story turns out to be true. If it is true, then it’s a huge development that increases the changes that the Anti-Homosexualiy Bill will be passed next week. But if it’s not true, then feel free to entertain yourself with Red Pepper’s latest gay-baiting “scandal.”




Patricia Kayden
December 7th, 2012 | LINK

I know that they will hurt poor Ugandans, but I strongly support sanctions against Uganda if they go through with that anti-homosexuality bill.

leonardo Ricardo
December 7th, 2012 | LINK

A trusted/respected friend (in my maturity) shared with me ¨You can do anything you want in this world as long as you are prepared to remain *present* for the consequences of those same actions.¨ In other words I need to be self-accountable and responsible at all times…I believed him and accepted his advice as solid and good. Now, how can I get that same suggestion sent off to the Ugandan MP’s (and Janet Museveni, David Bahati, Henry Luke Orombi, Martin Ssempa, President Museveni and the rest of the thugs, bigots, and/or assorted civic minded self-righteous-cut-throats and theives in Uganda)?

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