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Rob Tisinai

March 22nd, 2013

The New York Times published a profile of NOM president Brian Brown today. The author interviewed quite a few gay bloggers about him, but little of that information appeared in the piece. It’s all very nice that she told hers reader we think Brown is dishonest, but why should they believe us? She’d have done her readers (and her story) a greater service if she’d pointed out some of his lies so they could sort reality from hearsay.

So, for the sake of a more complete account, here’s an email I sent her shortly after our interview. It’s a nice little gallery of horrors.

Hi Sheryl,

It was a pleasure talking to you today. If your focus is Prop 8, it turns out I do have something for you. NOM filed an amicus brief when Prop 8 went to appeal, and I take it apart here:

Also, here are the other links I mentioned:

NOM’s history of untruth

NOM’s history of violent and vilifying rhetoric

Speakers at NOM’s March for Marriage who have invoked Satan when it comes to gays

And just in general, this is a great resource for researching inflammatory rhetoric:

A couple of the more inflammatory NOM paid staffers:

On the Regnerus study:

Problems with the study:

NOM’s misrepresentation of the study:

Please  feel free to call if you need anything else.





sue jeffers
March 22nd, 2013 | LINK

now frc is mis-citing the regnerus study – they can’t even cite the bogus results correctly and are claiming that his study uses LM to mean a lesbian couple and GF to mean a gay male couple. I sent them the information to correct their propaganda, but I doubt they will as I doubt it was a mistake

March 23rd, 2013 | LINK

And of course the article doesn’t allow comments.

March 23rd, 2013 | LINK

Really: You might want to send a note to Ms. Stollberg to ask her why her article about Hillary Clinton’s endorsement of same-sex marriage too comments (over 400 of them) but her article about Brian Brown doesn’t. Did Brown make it a condition of the interview?

March 24th, 2013 | LINK

I emailed her after I saw the article posted on GoodAsYou. Basically took her to task for not calling him out when she had the golden opportunity on even just some of his lies. I told her I felt her article was basically a puff piece about an ex surfer with strong convictions. That’s not journalism. That’s nothing more than a Sunday supplement Lifestyles piece.
She wrote back saying she felt it was balanced, blah blah.
I pointed out that a few obligatory quotes and links did not “balance” the story in any way.
Her response: I stand by my work.
Oh, and she apparently is also writing a piece about a gay rights lawyer soon.
So her form of investigative journalism is to never confront, just write multiple he said/she said articles.

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