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  1. Andrew
    June 13, 2013

    Few appreciate that mental torture can be as profound, or worse, than physical torture. After all, we’ve all had an injury or two. What makes physical abuse so damaging is rarely the physical infliction of damage, but the concomitant psychological scarring that takes place. That psychological damage can also be achieved without inflicting physical harm by removing the same elements of trust, self-worth, optimism, and replacing them with misanthropy, distrust, self-loathing, and a persistent sense that the world is not a safe place (and all the anti-social behaviors – and reinforcing social responses – that follow).

    As a person who suffered through several years of abuse at the hands of a child psychologist with issues of her own, I can attest to the lasting damage one person can do to individuals and their families… and when dealing with kids, you’re talking about personality-shaping trauma that literally lasts a lifetime.

    I get irrationally angry about this issue. My solutions to cases like this are entirely disproportionate and probably wouldn’t pass muster with any reasonable jurist. Let’s just say, without hyperbole, that “drawing and quartering” sounds like a good start for the likes of de Koker. Which is why I’ll never sit on a jury for a case like this one, and that’s probably a good thing.

  2. Will
    June 13, 2013

    I may never have read or learned about Buys’ story if not for this site. Thank you for the hard work and research! I will share this post with others. Be encouraged.

  3. Regan DuCasse
    June 13, 2013

    Something VERY similar happened to a boy from Orange County here in CA. He was taken from his home in the middle of the night and forced into a boot camp that was meant to toughen HIM up and reprogram him from being ‘spiritually rebellious’. His grades at school weren’t too good, but he’d been bullied at school, which it turns out, was a religious school.
    His parents were deeply religious too.
    No one said outright that the boy was gay, but then no one in an environment like that necessarily would admit it.
    But he by all other accounts, was a nice kid, no other issues that anyone else would be concerned about. Such as being a criminal or using drugs. So what’s the point in making him go to a boot camp for ‘reprogramming’?
    When he complained of abdominal pain, he was called a sissy and all the other derogatories. He had a high fever, and they still tried to force him to run and carry heavy rocks. When he finally collapsed they didn’t get him immediate help until his pulse was weak.
    By the time he was rushed to a hospital by helicopter he was beyond help and died. He had a gallon of pus and blood in his abdomen and multiple bruises from being kicked there as well as multiple hairline fractures on his arms and legs.
    The adult drill leader of the came is up on charges of manslaughter. The boy was fifteen too.
    Gay advocates all over the place decried the same situation as this. That it was an ex gay facility.
    The incident took place in AZ. So the boy was taken very far from his family.

    And by the way, where the hell ARE the parents in the case of the Buys boy? What’s THEIR answer to all this? Are they happy now the suffering they put him through and that he’s in the ground?

  4. Robert
    June 13, 2013

    Every time I read about one of these horrors, I feel sorrow for the victims and rage at their “loving” parents. I would like to see the parents who are responsible for sending their children into these situations brought up on second degree murder charges. They should be punished for murdering their children and should suffer as much as the child they helped to kill.

  5. Charles
    June 14, 2013

    Folks you are all just dreaming of an utopia that can never be obtained. When children’s parents or custodians force them into such a program, I am outraged. When adults really want to give it try for some reason, I am not outraged, but ask, don’t they know better.

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