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  1. Ben in Oakland
    February 10, 2014

    Good for you, Michael Sam. You’ve done a great thing. May the trickle of out athletes become an avalanche, if you don’t mind the mixed metaphors.

    I find it interesting that his teammates apparently already knew before he told them.

    And they didn’t care.

  2. Regan DuCasse
    February 10, 2014

    He’s handsome, witty, strong, a very imposing presence (6’3, 260lbs), and the brother can PLAY.
    He’s a very talented athlete, according to his record.

    The funny thing is, any other players who claim they are intimidated by his presence anywhere, are kinda showing what pussies THEY are.

    That’s the hilarious irony about homophobic straight men. Gay men become the equalizing factor.
    No self respecting, intelligent straight woman should be attracted to straight men who turn into such sexually insecure wimps.
    I be like, yeah how does it FEEL now, a-hole?

  3. MattNYC
    February 10, 2014

    Kudos to Sam. Hope the Dolphins get him (and treat him with respect–their recent history probably makes that a low probability).

  4. Steve in Claremont
    February 10, 2014

    What a great young man! Given what he says about his past, I think that being openly gay and coming out before the NFL draft are just two in a long string of courageous acts. The success he’s had has required a lifetime of bravery. I wish him well!

  5. Ben In Oakland
    February 12, 2014

    My letter, published in today’s Chronicle. I’m on a roll!

    Congratulations to Michael Sam for coming out at this crucial juncture in his career. Standing up for himself as a proud gay man and football star, he shows far more class and bravery than those disparaging him as a distraction to football’s real goals: making money, and supporting the mythos of masculinity.

    We gay men are the whipping boys of this mythology, someone for “real men” to look down on as not “really” men. Imagine a gay man who can compete in the masculinity-defining fields of sport and strength, and still be gay, proud of it, and just as much a man as anyone, maybe even bigger, stronger, and faster. How threatening is THAT to this fragile thing called masculinity?

    This isn’t about football or gay men sharing locker rooms. We already do, and the same nonsense was argued against repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. This is about the fears engendered and supported by the mythos of masculinity, fears that heterosexual men won’t measure up to the myth, fears that mythologically-not-masculine gay men will surpass them, making them less than men, and perhaps treating heterosexual men exactly as the latter frequently treat women.

    And how frightening is THAT?

  6. Mark F.
    February 12, 2014

    Is he single? LOL.

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