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  1. enough already
    July 26, 2014

    It’s sad that the small ‘o’ orthodox Christians* not only believed this nonsense but still do. One need only read the amicus briefs of the last few months in Utah and the other red states to see they’d pull out the Metrazol or worse in a heartbeat.
    I was subject to psychological torture in middle-school for several months when my parents were back in Europe and I was taken care of by the housekeeper. The school psychologist not only did not succeed in making my straight, he made me certain for the rest of my life that small ‘o’ orthodox Christians* are out to get us.
    I pissed on his grave the day he died and make a point of doing so every time I’m back in that town.
    This is why we queers must never vote Republican and why we must never let down our guard.
    *I tried to find a means of discriminating between hateful monsters who are Christians and (relatively) harmless people who think their 3in1 god makes them superior to the rest of us for years. Never succeeded, so gave up years ago. I’m trying a new term. We’ll see.

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