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New Zealand may get Pro-Gay Episcopal Bishop

Timothy Kincaid

February 25th, 2008

nz.jpgIf the Lord of the Rings movies are anything to go by, New Zealand is a lovely country. And as an ally of the United States, English speaking, and having had civil unions since 2004, (not to mention giving us Lucy Lawless), the Kiwis would seem to be a people that would make me feel welcome.

Now it seems like they may be taking a further step in welcoming gay and gay-friendly travelers. is reporting that the Anglican Church (New Zealand’s largest church) may be selecting a pro-gay Canadian as Bishop of Christchurch.

A Canadian woman bishop who has signaled support for blessing gay marriages is being confirmed as Christchurch’s new Anglican bishop.

Maybe those who were considering vacationing in Jamaica can instead think of a less hostile destination.



February 26th, 2008 | LINK

Well, if you think most of New Zealand also has castles painted on large blue-screens everywhere… you may be right!

Actually, the place is eye-watering beautiful.

Except Hamilton. The bus interchange at Hamilton has been known to drive entire families to drink. Small children included. The rest of the town is even more dismal, but fortunately not as often seen by vistors.

Don’t even ask me about Dannevirke. If ever a place was to provide evidence that people had started mating with vegetables, it would be a hamlet somewhere nearby.

Apart from that, the people are overwhelmingly good-natured too; albeit overly fond of sheepskin clothing and beanies. You’d enjoy yourself there, I’m sure (’cause of the nice people, not the sheepskin clothing, I mean).

I suppose I should add, in case a sister or the other half of grantdale reads this, that Kiwis are also overwhelmingly as beautiful as their country. And highly intelligent, witty, etc.

February 26th, 2008 | LINK

I lived in Auckland New Zealand for 5 years. As close to paradise on earth as you can get, though a bit sleepy when it comes to nightlife and entertainment.

Anywho, I wouldn’t label Victoria Matthews as pro-gay or anti-gay. She definitely charts her own path on this matter. She ruled that gay blessings do not violate “core” (as in creedal) Christian doctrine, which they don’t as they are not found in any of the historic creeds, but then voted against moving forward on doing those blessings. She gave a moving speech at General Synod about the pastoral needs of gay couples but also said that the timing isn’t right for blessings.

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