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Hartline’s Sad Revelation

Timothy Kincaid

April 11th, 2008

hartline2.bmpEx-gay James Hartline is a favorite of Christian media when they are looking for an extremist to quote. Hartline lives his life as an anti-gay activist, pestering the San Diego City Council, protesting the ballpark, and writing fiery denunciations of anyone anywhere who isn’t as completely and unrelentingly hostile to gay people as he is (and few are).

Hartline is also running for a City Council seat in an effort to defeat what he views as ungodliness.

And it has become painfully obvious that those who trot Hartline out to put an ex-gay on display and those who happily print his thoughts on the evils of homosexuality are only using him and do not respect him.

From Hartline’s blog dated February 18, 2007

I recently asked God about the role of my particular city council campaign in our city. The Lord responded by letting me know that my campaign is a test for the Christians of San Diego. You see, pastor after pastor preaches in the pulpit about the corruption and immorality in our culture. These same pastors now have a chance to do something about the things they have been preaching about. If they do not support my campaign for the city council, than all of their complaining is just empty rhetoric.

My campaign is a test for me and it is a test for the Christian Community of San Diego. For me, it comes down to my obedience to God. God instructed me to run this race.

The candidate complains that as of that date “only 7 of the 2,000+ pastors in San Diego have endorsed my campaign” and “only 34 Christian voters have contributed”.

It is no surprise that few are willing to sign on to Hartline’s campaign. James is a rather tragic example of the consequence of excessive drug use combined with mental illness.

Although quite intelligent, Hartline’s rants display a universe of allegances and associations conspiring with Satan against him and his goals. But in the end he will emerge victorious when God heals him of HIV thus illustrating to all that James Hartline is God’s chosen prophet to lead the world in a marvelous new revival.

God speaks regularly to his prophet and reveals all sorts of amazing things such as the reason for wildfires, the pro-abortion goals of Horton Hears a Who, and how those who oppose Hartlines political extremism are “virulently anti-Christian”. It doesn’t take long for a picture of James’ mental condition to appear.

I cannot fault the conservative community for not wanting to advance his political efforts. Few, even among the most conservative, would want to allow James any influence in public policy decisions.

But I do fault and condemn those who – knowing Hartline to be as he is – are still willing to present him to the public as though he is credible. I fault WorldNetDaily for continuing to rely on him for their source as a “San Diego pro-Christian activist”. I fault Peter LaBarbera for dragging him to Chicago and for encouraging his efforts. I fault those local churches and other anti-gay activists who tell him he’s doing God’s work.

To both champion him publically and shun him privately is self-serving and heartless. What these and other “Christian” voices have done to James Hartline is both sad and cruel.



Ben in oakland
April 11th, 2008 | LINK

It is sad, but I’m not surprised. i think it is how they treat all ‘mo’s, whether current or former, unless they actually pay them money to shill for them.

April 11th, 2008 | LINK

I’m thankful that area churches and citizens aren’t buying into Hartline’s hate. But I’m not at all surprised that the likes of WorldNutDaily and Peter LaBarbera have embraced him without question. They’re more concerned with advancing their anti-gay agenda than with credibility and integrity.

a. mcewen
April 12th, 2008 | LINK

I really feel sorry for Mr. Hartline. But when you read his page, you can’t help but to notice his ego.

Every fight he gets into is, according to him, for the soul of America. He, according to him, is the only one standing in the way of total chaos. He seems to think of himself as Joan of Arc, Superman, and Desmond Tutu all wrapped into one.

It’s sad

April 14th, 2008 | LINK

Why feel sorry for him? He made his choices. He knew the consequences of his actions. And he still made the choice.

I cannot feel sad for someone who ruined their life willingly, *especially* when they use their bad choices to project onto the rest of us.

He doesn’t need pity. He needs to be institutionalized.

Remember: He made his choices in full knowledge.

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