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  1. Fiona
    December 31, 2008

    I have a question. Did the Ocean Grove Association lose their public accomodation tax break (and I believe other public funding that goes with being open to the public) for changing from a public accomodation site to a private restricted site? If they did not, then the second lawsuit should have continued. It’s not clear in the post if they lost the public perks or not.

  2. Timothy Kincaid
    December 31, 2008


    The article on Not a Potted Plant goes into greater detail.

  3. Dan B
    January 1, 2009

    Show up every day and perform a “Marriage”. Each one should be different, fun, and an excuse for a party / celebration.

    Civil Rights – Why should we care?

    One decision vs. another decision.

    One celebration vs. another celebration.

    Celebrating one love vs. another love.

    Just SHOW UP AND CELEBRATE. They’ll fight and they’ll lose.

    Then we can get together afterwards and argue the details.

  4. cd
    January 2, 2009

    We shouldnt forget, however, that ultimately all these scurrilous claims (be they about being forced to endorse gay marriages, or that it opens the door to polygamy, or whatever) are not things the other side really cares about.

    They are all excuses and efforts intended to obstruct, to put promarriage people on the defensive, to diffuse and dilute efforts and demoralize supporters. And to appeal to tacit bigotries and arrogance in Undecideds.

    We should not dignify all these tactical obstructions by treating them as legitimate or as entirely appropriate to address in the here and now. The innovation in Blitzkrieg doctrine was an understanding that to achieve victory, the strategic objectives could not be allowed to be greatly diluted or contradicted by tactical objectives or wasting unnecessary time or effort on tactical obstructions. Basically, defensive hard points had to be encircled and kept unable to exert enough force by an adequate minor force (often specialists) and the big offensive forces just bypass it with minimal losses.

    That is perhaps what is needed here. A division of labor where specialists contain and attack the problems if not break them, while average grassroots activists march on toward the principal objective.

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