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Love Won Out to Air On GOD TV

Jim Burroway

January 14th, 2009

Focus On the Family have announced that they will air video recorded from the Love Won Out ex-gay conference held in Colorado Springs in October of last year. Seven programs were taped and will air on GOD TV over the next three weekends. Highlights include:

  • Friday, January 23: Understanding Male Homosexuality – with Joe Dallas. He replaces Joe Nicolosi. While Dallas offers a much kinder and gentler explanation of what “causes” homosexuality in men, it still comes down largely to one thing: It’s all Dad’s fault.
  • Saturday, January 24: Understanding Female Homosexuality – with Focus on the Family’s Melissa Fryrear. She will be on hand to explain that in all of the years she has been part of an ex-gay ministry, “I never met one woman who had not been sexually violated or sexually threatened in her life. I never met one woman. And I never met one man either, that had not been sexually violated or sexually seduced in his life.”
  • Sunday, January 25: Nancy Heche. She’s the mother of actress Anne Heche. She will explain how her very powerful prayer magically changed her daughter from a homosexual to a heterosexual.

These are just three of the seven programs listed. Unfortunately, the most honest talk, in which Exodus International Alan Chambers admits to a very small, select crowd that “I choose to deny what comes naturally to me.” That talk appears to be too frank for public consumption.

GOD TV isn’t well distributed in the U.S. For what that’s worth. GOD TV claims that they reach “almost a half a billion homes worldwide.” I wonder if that “half a billion” is counted using the same methods that Exodus International uses to claim that hundreds of thousands have changed.

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Suricou Raven
January 14th, 2009 | LINK

I recieve God TV, in the UK. It’s up in the very high number region of cable channels, where people only go when they are desperate for entertainment and all the other channels are showing unwatchable rubbish.

Note that it isn’t part of a subscription plan. Every time I flick there, they seem to be begging for money.

January 14th, 2009 | LINK

Ah yes, the ever soothing sounds of Joe Dallas. You could set his condemnation of homosexuality to music. He just draws you in and makes you want to offer up all your integrity to Christ. In fact the only thing standing between me and a lifetime of hypocrisy and denial is the fact that he’s a divorced and remarried unrepentant adulterer.

So until he repents of his sin, how can I be convinced to repent of mine?

Fortunately, I’m so utterly and thoroughly corrupted by Satan’s destructive influence on my ability to see the difference between love and evil, I don’t even know what sin is.

It’s like with that guy I fell in love with, apparently I was in “hate” with him and didn’t even know it. And to think of all he did to inspire me to open up that children’s cancer ward… All for naught, apparently I’m still going to hell.

Oh how I long to worship a god who’s only fixation concern is as to whether or not you bump nasties with your beau…

January 14th, 2009 | LINK

“GOD TV claims that they reach “almost a half a billion homes worldwide.””

If GOD TV is funded by advertisers, wouldn’t it be illegal to claim that, assuming it’s a false claim? I don’t know what the broadcast counterpart to ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation) is, but I’d be interested to find out if GOD TV’s claim is actually true. Maybe they’re just counting every subscriber who happens to receive the channel, as opposed to those who actually watch it.

January 15th, 2009 | LINK


The statement about GOD TV reaching half a billion homes worldwide doesn’t sound unreasonable.

What they didn’t say is how many of those homes watch GOD TV.

It’s much like another entity advertising itself as being in 85 million American homes. That’s no guarantee that they watch it.

In your daily travels, you will pass many hundreds or thousands of advertising signs and billboards. You don’t read every one of them, do you?
So it is with GOD TV. They’re claiming it’s out there for all and sundry. It’s up to the persons to decide to watch–or not. That’s the fact they don’t tell you.

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