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Update On Latest Ted Haggard Revelation

Jim Burroway

January 25th, 2009

Colorado Springs KRDO television reporter Tak Landrock appeared in a teaser of a report promising a full report on Monday about a second accuser against Ted Haggard. The unnamed young man, described as being in his twenties, said that some of his sexual encounters with Ted Haggard as non-consensual, and he revealed that the church paid him a large sum of money to keep quiet about it.

The KRDO teaser contained a brief telephone conversation between the young man and Haggard, in which Haggard admits to the relationship. New Life Church, which Ted Haggard founded and pastored  until his fall from grace, has refused to respond to questions from KRDO.

We noticed that the church’s statement on the latest accusations acknowledged that there were others who had a sexual relationship with Ted Haggard. KRDO has confirmed that observation.

Haggard is scheduled to appear on CNN’s Larry King Live on Thursday, and he already has taped a segment on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”  “The Trials of Ted Haggard,” a documentary about Ted Haggard’s fall from grace, will premiere on HBO on Thursday.



January 26th, 2009 | LINK

Did you also notice that they jumped all-over Haggard when the target of his amorous advances was a promiscuous drug-using male prostitute (undoubtably representative of the “Homosexual Lifestyle”) but when it was one of their own sweet innocent cherubs they brushed it under the carpet?

January 27th, 2009 | LINK

Boyds statement

How is an event two people acknowledge allegations? How is a relationship two people acknowledge an alleged relationship?

January 27th, 2009 | LINK

Is it alleged, when both sides admit it happened?

And it is a big deal because one of the people in the relationship preached against gay people.

Thanks for the links by the way.

January 28th, 2009 | LINK

I watched Oprah today and could not believe it when Mr Haggard said he believes that God accepts homosexuals.
THE HOLY BIBLE states that “for a man to be with a man, a woman to be with a woman, or either with an animal, is an ABOMINATION unto the Lord”.
God WILL forgive a homosexual, IF he admits and asks FORGIVENESS, and does not perform homosexual acts again, nor acts as if if he thinks admitting it on TV makes everything “ok”…..but marching for RIGHTS, and shoving it down our throats (no pun intended) to accept it is NOT okay!! I still haven’t come to grips as to whether it is sinful to BE gay, but it is sinful to act as if it is a right and that we should accept it, and it is wrong to teach our children that to practice it is acceptable and that they are wrongly prejudiced if they don’t!!!

Timothy Kincaid
January 29th, 2009 | LINK


You poor dear. Clearly you have never read the Bible and don’t know it well.

Because the words inside your quotation marks are not in the Bible; not in ANY translation. Oh how sad times have come when anti-gays are so very ignorant of Scripture that they can’t even quote it correctly.

Once even those who lived in the Ozarks and who could not read and write at least memorized passages from the Bible. I guess even that tradition is gone.

So it’s no wonder that you make wild and baseless claims like “it is sinful to act as if it is a right and that we should accept it”. Of course you don’t provide scipture for that claim because you are completely scripturally illiterate. Poor dear.

It’s sad, really. Pathetic even.

samantha spade
June 29th, 2009 | LINK

Mr. Kincaid, you are the pathetic one to be sure! I won’t bother to give you the verses because it is quite clear that you have NO idea what God says about homosexuality! If you care to check out the book of Romans, First Timothy or Peter…it’s pretty clearly stated! Temptation is not a sin, weakness is not a sin. When temptation leads to action it then becomes sin….find it in the book of James! Being homosexual is not a sin…just like thinking about lying or stealing is not a sin. When we are tempted Jesus gives us a way out so that we can stand up under it…Corintians, big guy. If we choose to act on our temptations rather than turn to Jesus we indeed sin! Homosexual acts are sinnful thinking otherwise is sad, pathetic even!

r norton
July 27th, 2010 | LINK

To T. Kincaid and S. Spade. Interesting. Now do either of you know Customs and manners of either the old or new testament? Translation, try the original language, while your at it remember Jerome stated he edited the N.T. I noticed everyone quotes this, that, other. The cool thing is scholars agree there are interpolations, not in the original text. Other Books of the Bible, they were never considered cannicle until royal edict around 310 ADE. How do I know this? I have a MA in early church history.

Approach the Bible as a scientist or a historian not as an armchair scholar who believes they might know something.

Homosexuality isn’t the issue, it’s our presumed knowledge of what you think the Bible says. If you knew the answers then there would be no editing and there would be only one belief, one christian church, not thousands.

I feel sorry for the lack of knowledge. religious philosophy does not nor can it ever take the place of historical knowledge or a rational scientific approach to scripture. They will either stand or fall on their own merits.

I request do not fence with me on this unless you are a historian.

Timothy Kincaid
July 27th, 2010 | LINK

r norton,

You’re a bit late to the debate (look at the date on previous comments).

And considering your misinformation about the development of the New Testament canon (as well as your mangling of words familiar to scholars), I very much doubt your stated credentials.

But you are right that those who claim to know “what the Bible says” are only displaying their ignorance. Generally, they know what their religious tradition’s take is on the English translation of some cherry-picked selection of text (which may or may not reflect original language) which they see in terms of their own experiences without consideration (or knowledge) of the context in which it was written, the mindset of the audience, the concurrent cultural assumptions, or whether the author even intended it to be authoritative.

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