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Ugandan Gay Asylum Seeker Back In UK

Jim Burroway

March 9th, 2009
John Bosco Nyombi

John Bosco Nyombi

In 2001, John Bosco Nyombi, a gay Ugandan, had sought asylum in the UK based on fears for his safety back in his homeland. But last September, Britain’s Border Agency forcibly repatriated Nyombi back to Uganda, in violation of Mr. Nyombi’s due process rights and against official Home Office policy and procedures. A British judged responded by ordering the Home Office to return Nyombi back to Britain. Nyombi arrived on March 6. According to Gays Without Borders:

He fled to the UK from Uganda where homosexuality is illegal and carries a punishment of life in prison.

His case has attracted publicity in Uganda. Mr Bosco said in a statement seen by the court that, on his return to his homeland, his circumstances had become “quite desperate”. He had been beaten up during a period in detention and he had now gone into hiding to avoid being interviewed by the police about his homosexuality.

The judge said the evidence before him made it perfectly plain that Mr Bosco had come to the notice of the authorities, and this had added to the risk of his human rights being breached by reason of his homosexuality.

Mr. Nyombi’s March 6 return to Britain coincides with an anti-gay conference led by Exodus International board member Don Schmierer and Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively, which was in its second day in Kampala, Uganda. On that very same day, conference leaders announced a new recommendation that Uganda’s already draconain law against homosexuality be strengthened to force convicted gays and lesbians into sexual reorientation therapy.



March 10th, 2009 | LINK

Reorientation therapy and/or jail.
Ah.. Exodus should move its HQ’s to Uganda, seems that Uganda now reciprocates what they seek in the US.

I wish there was some way to really account for the progress of this forced reorientation therapy. Although i don’t see how accused gay men wont just see this as an opportunity to get out of jail. Act straight for awhile and it’s all good.

But, maybe, it will be a different reorientation therapy at Uganda. With its very strict condemning laws and attitude, it might be Exodus reorientation therapy… with a twist. You know, to make sure they’re REALLY straight in order to be released back to the civilized, non/less deviant world. And to make sure that the likes of this intrinsic moral evil won’t spread any more diseases.

All the adjectives aside, doesn’t exodus uphold that the only person that can really fix homosexuality is God? And that one needs to accept and willfully(not forcefully or because you have to) believe in Jesus as lord and savior in order to be cured of homosexuality? Are Ugandans christians?

Or were they simply promoting a secular treatment to homosexuality?

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