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NARTH Scrubs Lively From Web Site, Cameron Remains

Jim Burroway

March 17th, 2009

Grove City College professor Warren Throckmorton noticed Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively’s letter to the Russian People (where Lively advocated for the criminalization of “the public advocacy of homosexuality”), where Lively recommended “a large association of doctors and therapists in the United States who help homosexuals to recover (see”. That got Dr. Throckmorton thinking:

Lively’s referral to NARTH made me wonder if NARTH incorporated his views in a similar manner.

Until yesterday, the answer was yes. There were six references to Mr. Lively on the NARTH website. I asked Dave Pruden if NARTH supported the positions Mr. Lively stated above (criminalization, therapy as an option to jail and limits on free speech), and he reacted quickly to remove all but one reference to his past involvement with NARTH.

That remaining reference was to PDF version of a 2005 NARTH conference report in which it was briefly noted that Scott Lively spoke during a luncheon. The PDF version of the report retains Lively’s comments, but a separate HTML web page containing the same article was scrubbed. The original version contained this paragraph:

Also during the luncheon, attorney Scott Lively noted that NARTH’s critics are supported by tens of millions of dollars from foundations on the left, which effectively permits them to “steer the culture through grants.” In an effort to begin reversing that trend, he recently created the Pro-Family Endowment, with one of its initial grants being made to NARTH.

According to Throckmorton, Pruden said that Lively “was not invited by NARTH to speak at the 2005 luncheon but instead asked for time to make the presentation and was granted permission.” Throckmorton also said that Pruden determined that “Mr. Lively’s views are not consistent with the policies and views of NARTH,” and took down the remaining articles in response to the inquiry.

One of those articles was a book review for Lively’s Take Back the Schools, which was touted as “the latest addition to NARTH’s Irving Bieber Memorial Library.” The name of the book reviewer is not listed. I wonder if the book is still in NARTH’s library. One other article, “‘Gay Days’ at Santa Rosa High” by Scott Lively continued on the same theme as the book review, while another article, “Public Schools Face Growing Demands from Gay Activists” featured an extensive quote from Lively.

Two other articles remain active, but were edited to eliminate references to Lively. In addition to the web page on the 2005 NARTH conference report, Joseph Nicolosi’s “Interview with a Parents’ Rights Activist: Brian Camenker” was edited to remove the line indicated in boldface:

BC: …One of the things for which I’ve looked to NARTH, is help in getting the scientific facts together. I really enjoyed a book by one of your Scientific Advisory Board members, Jeffrey Satinover. His Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth has been very important to us. I also liked both of Scott Lively’s books…very good. That’s what I find is very powerful–when you confront people with the truth.

I’m actually somewhat conflicted over this edit. While I’m glad that this endorsement is now gone from NARTH’s web site, having this statement available nevertheless tells me everything I need to know about Brian Camenker’s character and judgment. But in the end, it’s removal is good from the standpoint of NARTH appearance of condoning Lively’s policies or theories.

It’s important to note that NARTH continues to carry multiple links to Paul Cameron’s discredited work on their web site. Cameron, you may recall, has his own unique take on homosexuality in Nazi Germany, one in which he admires how concentration camp commandant Rudolph Höss “dealt with homosexuality.” NARTH’s most recent Cameron citation was in an article printed in NARTH’s 2007 conference report, which isn’t available online.

It’s fascinating to note that one Holocaust revisionist has become an embarrassment to NARTH while another one still remains well linked on NARTH’s web site and publications. I guess another way of looking at it is that Scott Lively is now more of an embarrassment to NARTH than a psychologist who has been denounced by four separate U.S. professional organizations.



Timothy Kincaid
March 17th, 2009 | LINK

Lively: too extreme for NARTH…

…but just fine with Alan Chambers and Exodus.

Lynn David
March 18th, 2009 | LINK

So NARTH is distancing itself from one SPLC defined anti-gay hate group, namely Abiding Truth Ministries. What about the other SPLC defined anti-gay hate group known as H.O.M.E. or “Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment?”
NARTH has a rather convivial article about the organization, “Bringing Accurate Information to College Campuses.” And as it is subtitled, “A NARTH member describes his bold attempt to reach university students,” evidently certain members of NARTH are also members of H.O.M.E. But since:

We are often asked, “What type of material do you distribute to stimulate discussion?” As a rule, we have available three pieces: one sheet is devoted to the health risks associated with homosexual behavior. A second deals with causes of homosexuality, life expectancy, domestic violence, and relationship stability. It also addresses income, education, and occupational status of homosexuals, specifically because those three categories form the legal grounds for the addition of new anti-discrimination laws–and we point out that because all of these categories are above the national average, there is no legal basis for singling out homosexuals as a special protected class. We also point out the impact on our culture due to the tragic loss of talented Americans because of the AIDS epidemic. The third piece is NARTH’s “Myths” brochure.

Should then the SPLC also list NARTH on its list?

March 18th, 2009 | LINK

Incidentally, Brian Camenker’s MassResistance is also an SPLC-recognized anti-gay hate group:

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