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College Student Receives Death Threats

Jim Burroway

September 22nd, 2009

It’s back to school time on college campuses across America. You know what that means — getting settled back into the dorm, spending more money on books than you ever thought possible, taking stock of your new professors, and of course, death threats:

Guilford College students will hold a meeting on Monday after someone sent a student two letters threatening his life and calling him derogatory names based on his sexual orientation.

The hate crimes happened in the Bryan Hall dormitory last week. On Monday, a student found a note on his door that had a death threat and called him a derogatory name. The note also said “nobody wants your kind on campus.”

On Thursday, someone dropped a rock with a letter attached in the same student’s window. The note used the same derogatory name and also said: “You don’t deserve life like the rest of the world. It’s bad enough with out all the gay crap pulling people down. It’s sick, unnatural, and death is almost too good for you. Almost.”

A vigil is planned at the Greensboro, N.C.-based college Wednesday evening.



September 22nd, 2009 | LINK

I could see something like this happening in the late 70’s due to Anita Bryant’s crusade or during the 80’s from AIDS hysteria. But this 2009!!!

They better catch this coward.

September 22nd, 2009 | LINK

Hell, anti-gay sentiment is alive and well on my college campus in Miami… my girlfriend has a rainbow Key West sticker on her camaro and comes out at least once a week to find new key marks down the length of the car and the sticker scratched over and over. The zillion security guards must all just be somewhere else when her car gets keyed in broad daylight.

Emily K
September 22nd, 2009 | LINK

Candace: or they’re standing right next to her car.

I have a friend in Greensboro, I wonder how he has reacted to this!

Christopher Waldrop
September 22nd, 2009 | LINK

I can’t help wondering if this behavior isn’t at least in part a backlash in response to growing acceptance of homosexuality. Prejudice has been pushed farther and farther to the fringes, but that seems to be producing more extreme behavior by those who cling to their prejudices.

Becky in DC
September 22nd, 2009 | LINK

I went to Guilford. I was shocked to see the name because it’s an extremely progressive, supportive community (with obvious exceptions). Every year the Day of Silence is huge there, for example.

I’m guessing the perps are really proud of themselves for rebelling against all that inclusion. Unless things have drastically changed since I went there, I’m betting folks will really come together to support this student.

I’m going there this weekend for my 10-year reunion – I’ll post back to this page what I see – I’m sure there will be signs of support and unity.

September 22nd, 2009 | LINK

We had similar threats at my fairly liberal Massachusetts college, though they were racially rather than homophobically motivated.

I’m not sure whether they’re serious or just some sick way to rebel against political correctness.

Priya Lynn
September 22nd, 2009 | LINK

Burr, I’m sure that in the vast majority of such cases they’re not serious. We hear about death threats all the time, far less frequently do we hear about them being carried out.

Becky in DC
September 26th, 2009 | LINK

If you’re interested, here are the relevant articles from the school newspaper:

*a statement by the victim:

*a report about the incident:

*a report about the student vigil that happened in response:

To me it sounds like the college is responding very well, although it is still harrowing that it happened.

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