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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO #1: Ugandan News Broadcast of Anti-Gay Rally

Jim Burroway

December 23rd, 2009

Thanks to an anonymous reader in Uganda, BTB has been able to obtain cell-phone video of a Ugandan news broadcast showing Tuesday’s anti-gay demonstration in Kampala by pastors Solomon Male and Michael Kyazza.

RallyNBSThis clip of a Platinum News broadcast by the independent NBS television on Dec 22 begins with an update on a veritable circular firing squad among rival Pentecostal pastors we first reported in May. In this update, Male and Kyazza are shown outside a court house discussing a case in which the two pastors accused another rival pastor, Robert Kayanja, of homosexuality. Male and Kyazza, in turn, were accused of plotting to trespass Kayanja’s Omega Healing Center and being behind the alleged kidnapping and beating Kayanja’s personal aide in an attempt at extracting an accusation against Kayanja.

The court house appears to have served as the location for an anti-gay rally, which set the stage for a quick report on the current status of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Ethics and Integrity Minister James Nsaba Buturo, who had earlier promised to remain silent for the remainder of the debate, went back on his vow and strongly defended the bill while hinting that the death penalty might be dropped. In denouncing the international pressure against the bill’s passage, Buturo said:

ButuroNBSI’ve lived in those countries, and I know how important that issue of aid is. They give, most people there, give in the belief they are helping the poor. Now, you dont help the poor by teaching them about homosexuality, do you?

Buturo was also irritated at the government-owned New Vision, among other media outlets. New Vision had recently published an op-ed by a senior adviser to President Museveni calling on Parliament to drop the bill.

YouTube Preview Image

We will have more video clips posted through throughout the day.

Click here to see BTB\’s complete coverage of recent anti-gay developments in Uganda.

Transcript of the NBS News Broadcast.

The Arise for Christ pastor Solomon Male and Omega Healing Centre pastor Michael Kyazze, who conducted the prayers along the roads near the court premises told NBS TV, (that their/they’re accused were/where?) a protest against soft handling of homosexuality cases. In a more resistant mood, the pastors maintained that they are not guilty of trespassing Rubaga Miracle Church as accused by Pastor Robert Kayanja.

“After being in court the magistrate made a ruling that the file, the copy of the file, be presented to our lawyer, and to our surprise, the prosecutor could not submit copies of the file because he claims there are higher authorities that told him not to submit copies of the file.” (pastor Michael Kyazze?)

“It shows that there are some people who are above the law, there are some people who are ready to flout the law.” (pastor Solomon Male)

At the court premises, the followers carried placards that decampaigned foreign countries opposed to Uganda’s move against homosexuality. For close to three months, the country has been washed with allegations that pastors were involved in the vice. Govermnent has taken a firm position against gay activities in Uganda, because it undermines local culture. The Ethics and Integrity state Minister, Dr. James Nsaba Buturo says it is unfortunate for development partners to criticise parliament’s position on homosexuality, “…coz I lived in those countries, and I know how important that issue of aid is. They give, most people there, give in the belief they are helping the poor. Now, you dont help the poor by teaching them about homosexuality, do you?”

Buturo told the media that parliament will carry out thorough consultations to seek clear penalities for homosexuals and could review the death sentence, “…possibility, that the bill we have, when it is subjected to debate, thorough debate and consultation, who knows… a few things may change.”

Buturo attacked the state owned New Vision, the Weekly Observer, and other media organisations for allegedly banning their staff from homosexuality discussions, saying it will not give the public room to understand the (il)legalities of the vice.

NBS News, Grace Nalubega(??) and Richard Byenkya.



Paul in Canada
December 23rd, 2009 | LINK

These are not pastors, ministers or religious leaders – they are terrorists no different than Al Queda and the Taliban. Religious fanatics, regardless of theology, are a danger to the peace and future of our world.

December 23rd, 2009 | LINK

Mr Buturo,

I live in one of those countries you mention and I do know how important the issue of aid is. We give, most people here, in the belief we are helping the poor. Now, you don’t help the poor by buying corrupt, witless, bigoted idiots like you an new fleet of Mercs to ponce around in, do you?

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