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Heterosexual Menace: Murder for (Lack Of) Sex

Jim Burroway

February 16th, 2011

The heterosexual menace is global, as this episode from Uganda shows:

A man has hit his wife on the head and died instantly accusing her of denying him sex. John Matovu, a resident of Kyevunze village in Luweero district reportedly committed the offence this morning. …Eyewitnesses say Matovu also reportedly stabbed the 20 year old woman in private parts.

That flips the gay panic defense on its head. More evidence of what the heterosexuals have in store for society here and here.



February 16th, 2011 | LINK

Well, that should teach people not to engage in domestic violence!

“A man has hit his wife on the head and died instantly.”

Regan DuCasse
February 16th, 2011 | LINK

This is really a part of the entire issue of how DEVALUED women and gay people are in the world.

Of any other human being, women and those who are gay, face more violence, oppression and isolation than any other groups.
And ALL based on artificial, primitive and non existent standards of the ROLE of gender, rather than the reality of gender itself in the natural world.

It is GENDER and it’s meaning that is fluid, if not orientation. To define gender so rigidly and without respect for INDIVIDUAL characteristics than the war on females and gay people will be intractable.

It’s been a tough road, even in America and other Western cultures for women to win their proper place and value.
If anything, these ‘traditional values’ spouters are spewing code for maintaining women in inferior domestic positions, that won’t challenge the very power the same kinds of men think they are entitled to.

This economy is creating yet another reversion to a dusty hierarchy. Women are more vulnerable, and so therefore, more subject to those things that made them more subjugated to begin with.

In so many African and Middle Eastern societies, women have no more social status than a child…or dog.
And when a man is dissatisfied, he can kill her with impunity. Whether it’s a spouse, mother or daughter.
And those who aren’t gender conforming (because there IS no such thing in nature really), are subject to the same threat at any time.

I haven’t mentioned it before, but sometimes I really think the real secret to a better, more stable and balanced world, is the equal treatment and justice for women and gay people in the world.
This is the part of the trinity that’s missing it’s role in keeping things open, honest…and as I said, more essentially balanced.
As long as those elements are always suspect, attacked and kept from participation, humanity will ALWAYS be more at war and violent than ever.

Regan DuCasse
February 16th, 2011 | LINK

I bet this poor girl didn’t even WANT to marry this guy. She was probably pressured to do so, so her family could receive some kind of dowry for her.

If she refused him sex, it’s because of THAT. She probably got traded for a television set and a few livestock for all we know.
Here in CA, a father married off his 14 year old daughter for meat and several cases of beer. The husband didn’t deliver on THAT promise, and the father demanded his daughter back. He only contacted the police because his child had gotten raped several times.
But the father got in trouble for doing what he did because she was under aged.

The father said, in his own defense that ‘that’s how they did things in HIS country’ (which was Mexico).

1. This ISN’T your country you’re living in, you MOVED to the USA, presumably so you’d do things differently and be protected by another set of laws. Why move here if you don’t want to be subject to the laws here?

2. Your daughter apparently doesn’t mean a whole lot if this is all it took for you to give her away and have her be raped. Why have a child if she has no more value than a cow you’d pass around for breeding?

February 16th, 2011 | LINK

who died? the man or the wife? “A man has hit his wife on the head and died instantly”

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