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Santorum Supports Tenth Amendment Except When He Doesn’t

Jim Burroway

August 12th, 2011

And in last night’s GOP debate in Iowa, he carved out a HUGE exception for the Tenth Amendment when it comes to marriage equality:

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Chris Wallace: Sen. Santorum, I see you wanting to jump in, your thoughts about RomneyCare.

Rick Santorum: Well, first, I was the first author of medical savings accounts back in 1992 whith John Kasich in the House. But this is a very important argument here. This is the Tenth Amendment run amuck. Michele Bachmanm says that she would go in and fight health care being imposed by states mandatory-up, but she wouldn’t go in and fight marriage being imposed by the states. That would be okay. We have Ron Paul saying, oh, whatever the states want to do under the Tenth Amendment’s fine. So if the states want to pass polygamy, that’s fine. If the states want to pass impose sterilization, that’s fine. No, our country is based on moral laws, ladies and gentlemen. There are things the states can’t do. Abraham Lincoln said, “the states do not have the right to do wrong.” I respect the Tenth Amendment, but we are a nation that has values. We are a nation that was built on a moral enterprise. And states don’t have the right to tramp over those because of the Tenth Amendment.

We are accustomed to seeing anti-gay extremists like Santorum lie unashamedly when it comes to gay people. And so it is a special treat to see him running amuck and lying about the positions of fellow Republicans right to their faces. Reagan must be rolling over in his grave. Bachmann has been an unwavering supporter of the Federal Marriage Amendment which would short-circuit the Tenth Amendment exactly as Santorum argues it should. She reiterated her support again last night.  And as for polygamy, Paul handed Santorum’s head right back to him on a platter: “It’s sort of like asking the question if the states wanted to legalize slavery or something like that, that is so past reality that no state is going to do that.” But who ever said that Santorum was working with reality in the first place?



Timothy Kincaid
August 12th, 2011 | LINK

Santorum has never provided any instance in which he supports the 10th Amendment.

That’s the problem with many of the social conservatives. In order to implement the sort of society that they truly want, one which is “built on a moral enterprise” and “has values”, they need a strong central authority to impose these moral values.

Small government, local control, lower taxes, and individual freedoms are all notions traditionally considered at the heart of the Republican Party. But they are incompatible with Culture War thinking. You need laws applied and enforced universally and funds to implement them. This is nothing new, we know from prohibition and the drug war that in order to stop Californians from sparking up, you have to have Federal Agents storming the clinics set up to provide medical marijuana to cancer and AIDS patients.

As long as your goal is to impose your will on the unwilling – as is, by necessity, “reclaiming” or “progressing” the culture – then both sides may be at war over what the rules will be, but both are in agreement that the trivial matters such as the 10th Amendment (or 2nd or 14th or the Bill of Rights) are secondary to their plan for a better world designed according to what they know is best.

August 13th, 2011 | LINK

Especially since the formation of the Tea Party, I keep wondering when (not if) the mainstream Republicans and the social reactionaries will have a falling out and a straight up right-wing Tea Party will form. I think it’d do the Republicans some good to get back to their roots.

That is, if the Tea Party doesn’t flame out due to its tendency to support idiots and religious nuts first.

I’m rather worried about the state of the Republican Party what with a large faction pushing ever further to the Right and a seeming inability to field a strong Presidential cantidate. I see Romney getting the nomination…but somehow I DON’T see the majority of Religious Right Christians voting for a Mormon.

We don’t need a one party state, even if we got there by one party being too crazy and stupid for most people to want to vote for.

August 14th, 2011 | LINK

“We are a nation that was built on a moral enterprise.”

This country was built on a business enterprise, and utilized religious zealots to get it started. Nothing has changed. Everything Santorum says is self-serving and self-righteous. If he wants to run for Pope, he should try to get into that race.

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