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Shirvell’s lawyer had a fool for a client

Timothy Kincaid

August 15th, 2012

Do you remember Andrew Shirvell? He was the Michigan assistant attorney general who became obsessed with Chris Armstrong, the University of Michigan’s student body president, and starting stalking him and ranting on a blog about him. Here’s a reminder from September 2010:

YouTube Preview Image

Of course eventually the Attorney General fired him and he was sued by Armstrong for inflicting intentional emotional harm.

Well finally Shirvell had his day in court.

And do you recall the old phrase about the lawyer who represents himself having a fool for a client? It turns out that it’s true.

Detroit Free Press:

Shirvell, who is representing himself, questioned himself on the witness stand for more than an hour this morning, trying to convince the jury he was upset by Armstrong’s push for gender-neutral housing at the school. Shirvell graduated from U-M in 2002.

“My blog was political speech,” Shirvell testified. “I viewed my blog as a movement to get Mr. Armstrong to resign. I personally felt Mr. Armstrong was too radical for the position.”

And though he rambled about Armstrong’s “radical homosexual agenda”, Mr. Armstrong’s attorney got Shirvell to admit that he hadn’t written about any of the others involved in pro-gay policies. Or lurked in their bushes. Or even complained to the school’s administration.

I think we all can surmise why it is that Shirvell focused his attentions on the rather handsome Armstrong. In fact, I think the only person who Shirvell has fooled is himself.



August 15th, 2012 | LINK

No wonder he’s stalking Chris. Mr. Armstrong is incredibly cute. You can see Shirvell blushing just talking about him.

Ben in Oakland
August 16th, 2012 | LINK

Boy, I bet Andy was really surprised when he found out what it really meant to have Chris in his leal briefs. I sure hope it doesn’t result in a hung jury. If only he had picked Jules Padyoraski as his lawyer. the Pole smoked his last legal trial, coming from behind to clench the verdict. Bang on in his defense, He pounded the opposition.

Oh Andrew. is it all so subliminal? Is Robert Burns beyond your ken?

Would that God the giftie gi’e us
To see ourselves as otherse see us.

Eric in Oakland
August 16th, 2012 | LINK

Errr… I agree that Anderson Cooper is handsome, but shouldn’t that second to last sentence refer to Armstrong rather than Anderson?

By the way, I found the interview quite funny.

August 16th, 2012 | LINK

I find this very sad. There’s something very wrong with this person.

Richard Rush
August 16th, 2012 | LINK

Back in 2010 I wrote:

I assume everyone’s gaydar went berserk while watching that interview. Here is what I imagine is going on:

Shirvell is a repressed homosexual whose desires were awakened by an intense sexual attraction to Armstrong. He may not even admit his true feelings to himself, or if he has, he loathes himself for it. Shirvell’s continuous attacks on, and stalking of, Armstrong allow him to indulge his obsession in a way that is consistent with his need to also repress his homosexuality. Shirvell gets to focus on Armstrong 24/7 guilt-free because he is repressing his homosexuality at the same time. I think Shirvell is in very deep denial.

While religious indoctrination alone can certainly make people anti-gay, Shirvell is so over-the-top that he has to have personal internal issues in combination with that indoctrination.


Ben, your comment is hilarious!

Ben in Oakland
August 16th, 2012 | LINK

Thank you. Richard. I do likes me my sublimnal messages. If I wasn’t so tired when I wrote it, it might even have made more sense.

Timothy Kincaid
August 16th, 2012 | LINK

Thanks Eric. Fixed it.

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