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  1. Marcus
    October 15, 2012

    That White House response is unbelievably callous. Was there any backlash? I Googled and couldn’t find anything.

  2. Alex
    October 15, 2012

    Remember that the reporter asking those AIDS questions was Lester Kinsolving, a notorious nutjob who currently reports for WorldNetDaily and is known for using phrases like “the sodomy lobby” to describe gay-rights organizations. Speakes wasn’t exactly dealing with a sensible journalist.

  3. Russell
    October 16, 2012

    The National Gay Task Force’s founding mission was to “work nationally on gay civil rights legislation and discrimination against gay parents in custody and visitation cases.” What a complete and utter fail of an organization. Forty years later, they haven’t accomplished their basic goals from 1973.

    And their focus is increasingly on issues that earn the group points for political correctness but which have nothing whatsoever to do with gay people or gay civil rights. They have not been of any use in the 4 marriage campaigns. They haven’t helped in WA or ME. MD is only minutes away from their offices, but the so-called Task Force was nowhere to be seen on Marylanders United’s recent disclosure of campaign supporters. No, the “Task Force” had more important fish to fry, like its recent report on Eskimo transgenders in Alaska. No doubt the affected population, which is predominantly heterosexual and probably comprises fewer than 100 people, appreciated the shoddy study, which will now be used to gather dust on a bookshelf in the Task Force’s DC offices.

    HRC is improving rapidly under new leadership, but the “Task Force” would do us all a favor if it would disband and stop sucking up gay money.

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