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Peter LaBarbera and Scott Lively Are Getting Hitched

Jim Burroway

February 20th, 2014

They’re joining forces to form a new anti-gay organization:

A press conference will be held to announce the formation of a new organization, the Coalition for Family Values, whose purpose is to unify and coordinate pro-family groups around the United States and the world to more effectively oppose the now-global LGBT agenda.

Press Conference Details

When: Friday, February 21, 10:00 a.m.

National Press Club,
Zenger Room,
529 14th Street N.W.,
Washington, DC

The coalition is being organized by Dr. Scott Lively of Defend the Family International, based in Springfield, Massachusetts, and Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), based outside Chicago, Illinois — with the assistance of other existing pro-family groups and leaders in the United States and abroad.

The first action of the coalition will be to issue a statement of support for the Russian pro-family laws of 2013 and 2014 — e.g., the prohibition of pro-homosexual propaganda to minors — and to urge other nations of the world to follow the Russian example.

This is the first instance I’ve noticed where Lively has appended the word “International” to the name of his outfit.



February 20th, 2014 | LINK

It will be interesting to see if they get can support from other more mainstream groups, FRC et al.

February 20th, 2014 | LINK

A big fat middle finger to these two evil clowns!

B/c I don’t believe in imprecatory prayer.

Timothy Kincaid
February 20th, 2014 | LINK

Well sure, of course the other anti-gay organizations will happily turn to Lively and the Peter to speak for them. They’ll gladly give their position and authority to these guys. They joyously take a back seat so as to better Lively and LaBarbera’s image and cash cow potential.

Right? Right?

February 20th, 2014 | LINK

Really? Another one? Are they hoping that having more anti-gay groups than pro-gay groups will somehow sway the public? And yes, this is a coalition, but aren’t there coalitions already as well? How is this one going to be different? Are they hoping to dupe donors who are abandoning the old groups with the promise of a shiny, new group? This shows a disturbing degree of obsession from supposedly straight men.

Bose in St. Peter MN
February 20th, 2014 | LINK

I wonder how much of this new push is focused on picking off frustrated funders/supporters of NOM and other stateside orgs, donors who are (belatedly) accepting that their money isn’t going to produce desired results.

On one hand, some of those folks are already comfortable with committing dollars to international missionary work.

And yet, it strikes me as likely that those folks give to the stateside orgs hoping to impact their own neighborhoods & towns.

Regardless, we can start counting down now to the Lively/LaBarbera press release about how the conflict in Ukraine is entirely the fault of gay Nazi protest leaders.

February 20th, 2014 | LINK

I hope they find offices with big enough closets.

February 20th, 2014 | LINK

And does this mean we’ll soon have to cope with pictures of Lively in leather? (My eyes!)

February 21st, 2014 | LINK

As ridiculous as La Barbera and Lively are, this new “international” group shows the disturbing trends of anti-gay conservatives – countries where the level of existing homophobia makes legislators susceptible to crediting their crackpot inhumanity.

I guess this is also a business opportunity. They’ve spotted a niche to exploit, setting up a trans-national peak body where they can be the bosses of their own tiny-minded community. Their ideological comrades were apparently not quick enough off the mark.

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