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More Bakersfield Bigotry

Timothy Kincaid

June 5th, 2008

Yesterday we told you about Kern County Clerk Ann Barnett and her objection to providing the same services to gay couples as she joyfully provides to straight couples. Barnett was rumored to have told her staff that she would refuse to allow same-sex marriage in Kern County.

Now the Bakersfield Californian is reporting that while Barnett will issue licenses, she’s stopped the Clerk’s office from solemnizing weddings for anyone, gay or straight. She explains:

“Because of long-term administrative plans, budgetary reasons, and the need to increase security for elections, the Clerk’s office will cease solemnizing weddings, which is discretionary on the part of the County Clerk,” the release said. “As done in other counties, information necessary to solemnize marriages will be made available to those acquiring licenses.”

Ummmm, yeah right. Budgetary reasons.

Somehow this explanation seems a bit less than honest.

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Emily K
June 5th, 2008 | LINK

I bet when the straight couples start complaining, she’ll say “blame the gays. They’re the ones ruining your chances of getting married by us. We wouldn’t have stopped if it weren’t for them.”

what a JOKE.

Ben in Oakland
June 5th, 2008 | LINK

I think the key words are “the need to increase security for elections.” That is te one that sounds quite bogus.


Personally, I think it unlikely that it would occur to the average terrorist to dress up as a bride.

Timothy Kincaid
June 5th, 2008 | LINK

She might have had a point if she said that her office was incapable of handling both marriages and elections. In 2006, Kern county had more problems than any other county and she almost had her duties pulled from her. They called in the Secretary of State.

She should have just said, “I’m inept and can’t be trusted to perform marriages.”

June 6th, 2008 | LINK

I am guessing lying is better than issuing marriage license. I’m always surprised to see anti-gay folks committ one sin to try to avoid what they see as another. I don’t think it gets to work that way.

Jason D
June 6th, 2008 | LINK

Brady said“I am guessing lying is better than issuing marriage license. I’m always surprised to see anti-gay folks committ one sin to try to avoid what they see as another.”

Such as bearing false witness, or turning the bible itself into a false idol, or not loving they brother as thyself, or….

June 6th, 2008 | LINK

Today (6 June) the Bakersfield Californian‘s James Burger and Angelle Barbazon have reported more on this homophobe.

Kern County Auditor-Controller-County Clerk Ann Barnett repeatedly tried to avoid licensing and performing marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples, interviews and e-mails obtained by The Bakersfield Californian show. . . .

Right after the decision came down, Barnett’s second-in-command fired off an e-mail to lawyers with gay-marriage opposition group Alliance Defense Fund seeking legal protection for Barnett if she canceled all civil marriages in the county of Kern.

“Our question is, now that the Supreme Court has refused to stay its decision, will Alliance Defense Fund defend the County Clerk if she ceases performing all marriage ceremonies,” asked Assistant Auditor-Controller-County Clerk Glenn Spencer in an e-mail asking advice from Senior Legal Counsel Brian Raum. “We have the news media calling for her response, and we need to issue a news release today, but she really needs to be assured of your legal assistance before she speaks to them, as we fully expect to be sued and our own counsel is not being of help.”

Regarding “Because of long-term administrative plans, budgetary reasons

Spencer would not respond to questions from The Bakersfield Californian. . . He refused to release public records indicating how much money wedding ceremonies generated for the county over the past five years.

But records obtained from the clerk’s office for April and May of 2008 shed some light on whether wedding ceremonies are a financial drain on the county, as the press release claims.

The county clerk’s office charges $30 for every ceremony it performs.

In April and May the office performed 299 marriage ceremonies, according to records.

That’s income — over two months — of $8,970.

At that rate, it appears the county brings in more than $50,000 a year from performing marriages, before costs are figured into the equation.

An analysis of the pay of the county staff who perform the ceremonies puts the revenue into context.

The top average hourly pay for an office services specialist — one of the classifications that conducts the weddings — is around $19.20 an hour, based on county salary charts.

A marriage ceremony conducted Thursday took seven minutes to perform.

Barnett’s press release also stated that the county does not have the space to deal with increased ceremonies.

But her office currently has two separate wedding rooms set aside for the marriage ceremonies. . . .

Luis Mon
June 7th, 2008 | LINK

Another GOP liar.

Erica B.
June 10th, 2008 | LINK

They are issuing LICENSES, apparently, just not actually performing any ceremonies. Given previous comments made by the clerk, and the fact that they haven’t even tried to see how many people would want the ceremony performed at the county clerk’s office, that seems to be just a convenient excuse.

I doubt the 150 people a month who use the clerk’s office to perform the ceremony are going to be horribly inconvenienced, though.

June 13th, 2008 | LINK

I cant believe that this is allowed to go on. It is this kind of hatred and ideas of superiority that kept this country segregated until 40 years ago.

She doesnt have to agree with it, and she shouldnt be allowed to stop it.

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