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CA Anti-Gays either Completely Idiotic or Shameless Liars

Timothy Kincaid

June 10th, 2008

thomasson.gifSometimes anti-gays do or say something so stupid, so plainly false, that you wonder who they think they’re fooling. Today’s example comes from the California anti-gay group Campaign for Children and Families and (where else?) Kern County.

The Bakersfield Californian reported on the County Supervisors meeting this morning. There, Randy Thomasson of the CCF presented an proposed ordinance for consideration

The ordinance states “no employee of (blank) County, and no elected or appointed official of (blank) County, may issue a marriage license to any couple other than a statutorily qualified man and woman.”

There Thomasson made the rather bizarre claim that the County Supervisors could override the decision of the State Supreme Court.

Randy Thomasson of Campaign for Children and Families said the county can pass the ordinance and stop all marriage licenses.

He said issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples violates the state constitution because the Supreme Court had no power to redefine marriage in ruling on Proposition 22 last month.

“Can you actually protect marriage in your county? Can you pass the ordinance? Yes, you can,” Thomasson said.

Really, Randy? The Supervisors can “protect marriage” in their county? Are you out of your mind or are you so dedicated to your campaign of bigotry that you are willing to say anything at all – no matter how obviously insane – to advance your agenda? Do you retain even the smallest smidgen of integrity?

Not being drooling vegetables, the Supervisors were not much impressed.

Enacting an ordinance that goes against the constitution and the decision of the California Supreme Court “doesn’t seem to withstand scrutiny” said Supervisor Jon McQuiston.

The Supervisors referred the issue to County Counsel and requested a report back on July 8 on whether such an ordinance would be legal. But in the spirit of saving time and trees, let me help with that inquiry.

No. It wouldn’t.

Next really stupid question?


Here’s a link to Thomasson’s proposed ordinance.

14. The Board of Supervisors specifically finds that marriage only for a man and a woman is the law of the land and the foundation of family and society in Kern County.

Hey, Randy, if your legal prowess didn’t impress the California Supreme Court, the Governor, or the legislature, why not try it on the Kern County Board of Supervisors. If they don’t bite, you might try the local grammar school debating club. Perhaps they can “specifically find” some laws your way.

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June 10th, 2008 | LINK

The anti-gays live in their own little echo chamber to the point where realizing how silly and absurd some of the things they say eludes them.

It reminds me of that trite little quip I’ve heard SO MANY TIMES now that gays are free to marry anyone they like as long as it’s someone of the opposite sex. And some people say this in all seriousness.

It’s like trying to argue that outlawing bar mitzvahs isn’t unconstitutional because Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all barred equally from performing bar mitzvahs.

Jason D
June 11th, 2008 | LINK

David, my answer to that one is usually this:

Telling a gay man they can marry any woman that will have them is like telling a man in a wheelchair he can use any staircase he likes to get to the 3rd floor.
It’s certainly possible that I could marry a woman. It’s equally possible that a man in a wheelchair could use a staircase, either by using the railing to pull himself and the chair, or by crawling on his hands without the chair. Somehow the elevator exists without too many complaints.

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