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LaBarbera Award: Scott Lively

Jim Burroway

January 27th, 2009

It doesn’t get any more disturbed than this:

Repealing the ban on open homosexuals serving in the U.S. military would be a mistake of historic proportions.” warns a Massachusetts attorney and pastor who authored a book on homosexuality in Nazi Germany….

Certainly there would be a mass exodus of normal men from a homosexualized military,” said [Scott] Lively, “probably leading to the reinstatement of compulsory service. (Watch the anti-war Lefties become supporters of the draft when it’s used to remedy “homophobia”) And yes there would be severe morale problems for normal men forced to live as the objects of sexual interest of other men with whom they share close quarters. However, the much bigger, longer-term problem is the threat of a homosexual takeover of the military branches.

Most people don’t realize that male homosexuality does not always lean to the effeminate. Historically, male homosexuality was much more often associated with hyper-masculine warrior cults which were usually very brutal and very politically aggressive. The most recent example was in Germany. Hitler’s initial power base when he launched the Nazi Party was a private homosexual military force organized and trained by a notorious pederast named Gerhard Rossbach.

We usually use this award to mock and laugh at the crazier things that are said about us. But unlike LaBarbera, Scott Lively is no mere buffoon. His influence is actually quite dangerous.

Scott Lively is the author of The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, in which he claims that “the Nazi Party was entirely controlled by militaristic male homosexuals throughout its short history.” In other words, it was gay people who brought World War II to Europe and killed twelve million people in the gas chambers. This book has been particularly popular among the Slavic immigrant communities of Sacramento, San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest, and it is gaining influence in Russia as well.

Scott Lively is one of the co-founders of the virulent hate group Watchmen On the Walls, along with Seattle pastor Ken Hutherson, Latvian pastor Alexey Ledyaev, and Sacramento anti-gay agitator Vlad Kusakin. Lively’s message has been received especially well among audiences in the former Soviet Union, many of whom are eager to blame gays for the horrible suffering many of their relatives faced during the Nazi invasions of their communities in World War II.

The Watchmen’s rhetoric has been particularly violent, tinged with the talk of war and the influences of evil forces. At a Watchmen conference in Latvia, Lively described gays as “followers of the Father of Lies.” He further described gays being sick, claiming that we don’t want to be gay but that the militant homosexual leadership has us somehow in their grip. When the Watchmen On the Walls held a rally in Novosibirsk, Scott Lively excused Satander Singh’s murder in Sacramento. Singh was a gay man from Fiji who was murdered by Russian immigrants. Lively went on to describe the broader confrontation between “civilization and homosexuals” as the design of the Devil to destroy civilizations:

There is a war that is going on in the world. There is a war that is waging across the entire face of the globe. It’s been waging in the United States for decades, and it’s been waging in Europe for decades. It’s a war between Christians and homosexuals. … Now, the homosexual movement has been winning this war in the United States, and it has been winning this war in Europe. And we’re looking at the future collapse of Western civilization.

Lively’s style fits in well with other Watchmen figures. Vlad Kusakin evoked Nazi imagery during a Watchmen meeting in Sacramento, saying that California’s anti-discrimination laws “opened furnaces which are even worse for our children” than those of Nazi Germany. Latvian Pastor Alexey Ledyaev lent his support to demonstrators who pelted Riga Gay Pride attendees with rotten food and feces. At the Watchmen conference in Latvia, Ledyaev prayed, “let a stone, without the assistance of a hand, come off the rock and hit this homosexual idol right on its legs!” Several members of the Latvian government are members of his New Generation evangelical church.



January 27th, 2009 | LINK

So if, according to this moron,the Nazis were all gay why was it that they sent thousands of gays to the camps during WWII? Why was it that they were rounding them up along with Jews and the mentally challenged and anyone that opposed them politically? Oh yeah, because they weren’t all gay they were just all FREAKING PSYCHOS!

This is the most moronic thing I have ever heard, but sadly, there are far too many stupid people in this world that will just take it as gospel. This Lively idiot should be locked up somewhere.

January 27th, 2009 | LINK

This guy seriously scares the crap out of me. To the extent that he can influence people — and he does — he’s a very dangerous man.

January 27th, 2009 | LINK

Isn’t it strange that the most marginalized people – jews, gays, brown people of all types – are touted as the evil architects of all that is wrong with the world?

Marginalized people have no power to take over the world – hence the term “marginalized”

January 28th, 2009 | LINK

Until we eradicate the notion that hatred based on “deeply held religious beliefs” is acceptable, the Scott Livelys of the world will continue to be a significant force against human rights.

January 28th, 2009 | LINK

Lurker, it’s not strange; the reason why Jews, gays and other minorities have historically been blamed for the world’s ills is because they’re marginalized and therefore easy to turn into scapegoats.

Buffy, I agree completely. The funny thing is, we don’t let people slide if they attempt to justify racism based on religious beliefs, but if they’re homophobic because that’s what their books tell them, we’re expected to be “respectful.”

Timothy Kincaid
January 28th, 2009 | LINK


I don’t think anyone – or at least no one at this site – is requiring anyone to be respectful of homophobia.

January 28th, 2009 | LINK

Tim, I wasn’t referring to anyone on this site. In daily conversation, however, I’ve often encountered the view that homophobic ideas deserve some special respect when they’re religious, or that they don’t even constitute homophobia at all, but are merely the “word of God.”

Ben in Oakland
January 28th, 2009 | LINK

The absuridty of these bigots is only surpassed by the iwllingness of the ignorant and the hate-filled to believe them.

We’re supposed to be limp wristed inneffectual pansies. We’re supposed to be hyper-masculine neo-nazis. either one can destroy family, faith, and nation with a flick of either our wrists or our riding crops.

We’re oversexed predators who, for some reason, want to get married.

We’re godless, but we have Ted Haggard and halF the catholic hierarchy.


Tom in Lazybrook
January 28th, 2009 | LINK

Did Scott Lively pay a financial settlement back in Oregon revolving around his personal involvement in a physical altercation against a Gay woman? I thought I saw something about that. I’m wondering if that was just a rumor.

Did you also know that Lively was the Director of the California AFA? After he wrote the (in my opinion) holocaust revisionist work, the Pink Swastika. By the way, Lively’s other tract, the Poisoned Stream is pretty disgusting too.

Suricou Raven
January 28th, 2009 | LINK

“So if, according to this moron,the Nazis were all gay why was it that they sent thousands of gays to the camps during WWII?”

In the interests of debate, I’m going to give you Lively’s answer to this, so you can see how bad it is.

His answer – so far as I can gather, not having read the book myself – is that there were almost no gays in the concentration camps. A few, but they were in because they opposed the party leadership, with their sexuality used only as an excuse. The gay nazis wrote anti-gay laws, but only for political gain, making sure they were never enforced. After the war, the gay leadership saw how much sympathy the jews were getting, and decided they wanted a bit of that for themselves – so they deliberatly faked the entire gay section of the holocaust, even writing fraudulent records as the allies rolled into Germany, in order to gather public sympathy.

Naturally, they made these fake records with such skill that it’s impossible for anyone except Lively to see they are fake.

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