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NOM latches onto “Miss Beverly Hills”

Timothy Kincaid

February 25th, 2010

Lauren ashley sultryOh you saw coming, didn’t you? You just had to know that Maggie Gallagher would see the lovely Lauren Ashley, hear her opposition to marriage equality, and see an opportunity to create a new martyr. (Fox News)

And while the City of Beverly Hills is shunning the pageant princess, she has garnered strong support from the National Organization for Marriage.

“I’m not surprised that Miss Beverly Hills, Lauren Ashley, opposes gay marriage — after all 45 percent of young Californians voted for Prop 8, as did 7 million Californians generally,” the organization’s president, Maggie Gallagher, told us. “But I have to say, I am impressed with her courage in coming forward and for speaking up for Carrie. The elected officials of city of Beverly Hills are not demonstrating tolerance or kindness by continuing the avalanche of hatred against supporters of Prop 8.”

Ah, such courage it took to fill out the paperwork, claim a city she doesn’t live in, call up a news reporter for a conservative network, and desperately beg for attention. Yeah, courage, un-huh.

But Maggie should be careful. The last time she latched onto a paragon of heterosexual-only virtue it turned out that she had her own sex tape. Who knows what this little delusional attention-starved girl has in her closet?



Regan DuCasse
February 25th, 2010 | LINK

“Avalanche of hatred”??!!

WHAT avalanche of hatred? I’ve had it, HAD it with this woman’s hyperbole around the reaction to Prop. 8.

She needs to be called on it, roundly, publicly and shamed for it.

The more she keeps reiterating how many people voted to ban marriage, and when I look at the fear mongering ads that helped it, she has a lot of gall calling it hatred from pro equality supporters.

I’d like to know how SHE would respond if millions of people divorced HER involuntarily and sent HER family into a morass of legal difficulty and insecurity?

How would SHE react if she’d had a gay child who was executed in his classroom or bullied to the point of suicide?
How would SHE react if at every turn, she was called evil for simply wanting to marry and show the world that she was in love?

She thinks that however gay people have reacted is UNJUSTIFIED or she would go away quietly and not challenge anything so unfair and DANGEROUS?

Well, what was her excuse BEFORE when happy gay couples were getting married and wanting to?

She hits and then runs and then accuse those she hits of being hateful and threatening.

I’m not so stupid that I don’t know an ACTION from a REACTION.
I understand the REACTION coming from gay folks, but her ACTIONS are inexcusable.

Priya Lynn
February 25th, 2010 | LINK

Hear Hear Regan. I can’t believe how profoundly stupid Maggie is. She calls the reaction to being stripped of equality an “avalanche of hatred” but can’t somehow see the hatred in Lauren Ashely calling for gays to be put to death. I despise that woman.

February 25th, 2010 | LINK

Because apparently saying, “Please do not speak for me because I don’t share your bigoted attitude towards that group” is “an avalanche of hatred.”

I think that Maggie has identified the gay community with some part of herself that she hates deeply and no amount of reason or logic will ever dissuade her from her crusade against us– at least not until she gets some form of therapy that enables her to stop hating herself.

Does anyone know a good cognitive therapist where she lives?

Lindoro Almaviva
February 25th, 2010 | LINK

Who knows what this little delusional attention-starved girl has in her closet?

You mean besides the clothes that even the Beverly Hills Walmart would be horrified to see in their hangers? Do you think there is enough room for all that celebration of trashy Vegas and skeletons?

And one last thing: How does Maggy-moo know what 45% of the hill’s youth voted for pro H8? Is she that delusional?

Wait! don’t bother, DUH!

Timothy Kincaid
February 25th, 2010 | LINK


Exit polls found that if you define “young” as 18-24, only 36% voted yes. If you extend that definition to 18-29, then it goes up to 39%. But Maggie gets 45% by defining “young Californians” to include everyone under 40.

If you look at Ms. Ashley’s demographics: white, female, under 24, living in Pasadena, then it becomes even clearer that Ms. Ashley is a very rare bird indeed.

February 25th, 2010 | LINK

I’ve always wondered about those percentages being tossed around about Prop. 8. Has a firm percentage of nonresidents voting for Prop.8 ever been established?

Nevada Blue
February 25th, 2010 | LINK

“Who knows what this little delusional attention-starved girl has in her closet?”

And it’s always something, especially if the standard your being held to includes an ancient book of harsh and conflicting parables.

Perhaps two times will be the charm for Maggie?

February 25th, 2010 | LINK

The Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s poll showed 45% of those between 18-29 years old voted Yes on 8. No idea if that’s the poll Gallagher is referring to. Other polls have showed higher support for marriage equality among that group, so it’s entirely possible to be due to the margin of error. Anyway, here’s the link to that poll:

February 25th, 2010 | LINK

Interestingly enough, Maggie only mentions the gay marriage portion of it. She’s silent on the fact that Ashley (or Lauren?) insinuates that having gay sex pretty much sentences you to death. But Maggie probably believes that too…

February 25th, 2010 | LINK

I know what this little delusional, attention-starved girl has out of the closet: the belief that gay people should be put to death.

I find myself wondering how deep Maggie’s homophobia really goes. I mean, from the appointment of Orson Scott Card to NOM’s board to her courting of Ashley, she appears not to have any trouble associating herself with some pretty extreme homophobes, despite the great umbrage she takes to accusations of anti-gay bigotry on her own part.

February 25th, 2010 | LINK

Maggie et al assume we hate them, because they really do hate us. (By we, I mean supporters of marriage equality.) They’re mistaken, but that mistake hasn’t exactly hurt their campaign so far — it’s helped to mobilize a lot of antigays.

We, in turn, have mostly assumed a certain level of rationality on the other side, and treated this like an honest difference of opinion rather than the full frontal assault on our humanity that it really is. That has hurt us a great deal.

A lot of commenters on pro-gay blogs seem confident that we’re on the brink of a major demographic shift, one that will tip the scales in favor of marriage equality. I hope so, but I’m not convinced. Fundamentalist religion has gotten awfully good at packaging itself in a way that appeals to the under-thirty crowd, and to a wider range of ethnic groups than in the past.

I don’t think it’s wise to discount 36%, 39%, or 45% any age cohort — even if those percentages are a little off, that’s still a lot of people. Not a majority, but enough to swing an election when other voters stay home, and enough to commit a lot of violent acts. Instead of assuming the kids are all right, I say we keep an eye on them.

(Speaking of which, what were Lauren Ashley’s parents thinking??!? That latest picture is just so…inappropriate.)

February 25th, 2010 | LINK

If something similar comes out with this woman, NOM will probably start insinuating that she’s part of a gay plot to discredit them. They have no trouble holding in head the conception of gay people as mindlessly driven by sex and as frighteningly cunning long-term planners.
BTW, I have to say that hearing Prejean’s ideas on sex made me marginally respect her.

Emily K
February 25th, 2010 | LINK

According to Joel McHale of “The Soup,” Carrie Prejean made not 1 but 8 sex tapes. And as Joel said: “Fool me once, shame on you. M********* on camera 8 times, you’re a porn star.”

[censored so it wouldn’t get caught in filters.]

February 26th, 2010 | LINK

Does “masturbate” really need to be censored?

Emily K
February 26th, 2010 | LINK

if it wants to get by corporate filters, yes.

Not Lauren
February 26th, 2010 | LINK

the city of Beverly Hills says she is a fraud and disavows any connection with her, the L.A. Times reports:

“In a statement Wednesday, the city said it was shocked by Ashley’s description of herself as ‘Miss Beverly Hills.’ The city ‘does not sponsor a beauty pageant and has no association with Miss California USA,’ the statement said.

“…As such, there should be no individual claiming the title of Miss Beverly Hills.’ The city’s statement said Ashley lives in Pasadena and ‘does not represent Beverly Hills in any capacity…”

Our forefather’s anticipated her and her ilk:

“Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise”. James Madison”

“Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man.” -Thomas Jefferson

Now we await her next FOX show visit wherein the host will surely be asking her if her parents follow the Bible’s law ordering them to sell their [fraudulent beauty queen] daughter into slavery.

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