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  1. Timothy Kincaid
    March 25, 2009

    This is your Uganda ex-gay movement in action: accuse gays of recruiting school children and then name names in the paper.

  2. Patrick
    March 25, 2009

    Here is an E-mail exchange that I had yesterday with NewVision. The original e-mail was just me playing with them, trolling around.

    Your article “Homosexual admits recruiting students” is a salacious bunch of lies. Is that the Christian principle your website is built on, bearing false witness?
    You are the hand maidens of the Anti-Christ.

    Patrick Smith-USA

    The following is a response from the website
    Patrick Smith,

    The New Vision is a secular newspaper and I don’t understand how the ‘Christian principles’ come in. Why don’t you question our journalistic principles? We can readily give you Oundo’s address if you want to interview him yourself. Do you think the meeting at Hotel Triangle was stage-managed by the ‘handmaidens of the Anti-Christ’ editors of New Vision? And in aid of what? On what authority do you base your conclusion that we are bearing ‘false witness’? If you are a homosexual, that is absolutely your own business but you don’t have to gag anybody. I hope you are not one of the gay activists breathing down Oundo’s neck!
    My response:

    When you lie about a group of people that would be considered bearing false witness.

    This is from YOUR website

    Honesty; openness and integrity
    Courage; backed by Research and Facts
    Innovative; Ambition and Continuous Improvement
    Excellence; in operation, people, customer care both internal and external, meritocracy, performance, product quality, and service
    Zero tolerance to corruption
    Social Responsibility.

    hmmm, I have not gotten that from your article.

    Why would you “hope you are not one of the gay activists breathing down Oundo’s neck!”

    This article comes on the heels of your BACKWARDS country inviting Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively and Exodus board member Don Schmierer to your Uganda Conference.
    ALL of this has a very Christian tone and the mentioned article also has a Christian tone, are you that easily confused that your PROPAGANDA would leave the reader to believe you are backing so called “Christian values”? Yes you are the handmaiden, in aide of spreading lies and harming Gods children.

    As to your question “Why don’t you question our journalistic principles?” why would I question something that is so clearly absent?

    I have more should anyone wish me to share it. We wrote a total of eight emails between us.

  3. Timothy Kincaid
    March 25, 2009

    Patrick, please forward them to Jim and I. Thanks

  4. Lynn David
    March 26, 2009

    As I said on GayUgandan’s blog…

    If Oundo and the other eight have been “recruiting” those of a young age as they have said, then they have been committing felonies surely under Ugandan law. If their now Christian consciouses demand that they repent these sins, then surely they should also repent their civil crimes, name their victims so that they can get help, and then be willing to spend the prison time decreed by the law of Uganda.

    Where are the Ugandan police? Why are they not arresting Oundo and the other eight? Why are not Langa and Ssempa turning them over to the authorities? Why? Likely because they are liars – all of them.

  5. Aisha
    April 16, 2009

    Wake up Uandans and Africans. This Oundo and the eight, are playing with your brains that they will fight the vice because they were victims-watch out, they want to know the plans and tactics you will be using to fight them, then the ‘Big Shoots’ will be getting all the information. ‘Remember we are living in a wounded generation’.


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