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  1. Timothy Kincaid
    January 3, 2010

    The only part I disagree with is “This commentary … does not necessarily reflect those of other authors at Box Turtle Bulletin.”

  2. David Roberts
    January 3, 2010

    If I remember correctly, Alan got at least three warnings about the meeting in time for Schmierer to avoid participating. We sent one, Timothy sent one and I believe Warren sent one. Like Timothy, I can’t disclose the response but we did get one and I believe exchanged another set of emails on the issue that same day. They clearly had warning, there is no way to dispute that honestly.

  3. Evan
    January 4, 2010

    Heh @ Timothy.

    I saw that at the top as was like “How on earth could there be editorial disagreement about this one?”

  4. anteros
    January 4, 2010

    Great post!

    Lively wrote a whole book about recruitment!? All this time I thought the homosexual recruitment myth was Oundo’s baby. Clearly I gave him way too much credit. Ugandans have really bought it, as though they’ve met actual homosexual recruiters other than Oundo who did such a crappy job of lying about recruiting kids. The fact that he hasnt been arrested exposes the grand sham in which Oundo’s services were rented.

    Ugandans really need to hear from Exodus on this bill. They dont trust the motives of human rights activists and donor countries… they are already being labelled “promoters of homosexuality”. If Exodus were to counter the homophobic spam in Ugandan media by issuing instructive statements on radio tv and in local newspapers, it would really help. The myths are countless… and rapidly growing in popularity. The myths are being used to feed people’s ignorance and channel it into extreme hate. Exodus could and really should help fix this mess.

  5. anteros
    January 4, 2010

    Oundo also claimed that he had been recruited as a teen, chose to be gay, went on to become a sponsored recruiter, and eventually quit being gay… cold turkey… the day that he allegedly gave his life to christ. He was used to localize and propagate so many myths born out of that March conference. If only the conference’s participants could rectify this… Exodus wouldnt face much credibility vetting from its Ugandan audience. It would help a lot.

  6. gayuganda
    January 4, 2010

    Yeah, I was also bothered by the apparent ‘editorial disagreement’?!

    Glad there is none.

    Oundo, Kagaba, the ex-gays in Uganda are being fed words to say, kind of proof of the strength of their healing. And, no one in Uganda is questioning their veracity. Because they are articulating the ‘facts’ that are in the books the ‘Three Musketeers’ brought to Uganda. Including Cohen’s books, which are truly despicable… According to me, of course.

  7. grantdale
    January 4, 2010

    Did Schmierer’s pants burst into flame during or after the interview? Considering they were already flapping around his ankles that must have been a painful few moments.

    You know… one hears the word’s “a representative of Exodus International” and you just know a congenital liar is about to hove into view.

    Their only excuse would be to show medical evidence of being a dimwit.

    Dimwit or liar? Oh, the dilemma.

    Jim, as far as Exodus is concerned there is no reason to offer yourself up as man who stands behind his principles.

    You would have a better chance of convincing them that unicorns exist.

  8. Timothy Kincaid
    January 4, 2010

    We do try and qualify that our opinions are our own if we make a bold statement. Jim was right to allow for disagreement, whether or not it was present… but, speaking for me, there is none.

  9. homer
    January 4, 2010

    I keep thinking about people just wanting to live their lives free from meddling people- and the sheer evil nature of these three men. And I keep going back to Schmierer’s statement, “Some of the nicest people I have ever met are gay people.”

    The person who turned in Anne Frank’s family probably said something similar.

  10. Lynn David
    January 4, 2010

    Schmierer is like a child trying to make its mother believe the child’s version of ‘truth.’ Warren Throckmorton wrote today that: “…he [Schmierer] was warned and by those who had nothing against Exodus (me). It seems that it was a case that the warnings were dismissed for reasons I do not know but they were not taken seriously.” Schmierer knew Lively was going to be there. It would seem that it did not bother him whatsoever; perhaps because Schmierer agreed with Lively that ‘the Nazis were all gay.’

  11. LisaEqualityTalmadge
    January 4, 2010

    Great job as usual guys, keep it up, let’s keep pressuring EXODUS and FORMERS (oh, wait formers is now “former FORMERS”) to pony up some cash for asylum housing for the activists in grave danger.

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