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Notes On the NARTH Conference Agenda

Jim Burroway

August 20th, 2007

A few weeks ago, the National Association For the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) posted its 2007 conference agenda (PDF: 108KB/3 pages). Through considerable detective work, Ex-Gay Watch’s David Roberts suggests that one item may be a talk by Stanton Jones on the results of a secret five-year study on the outcomes of religiously-based change therapies.

Another item I noticed is a talk by Christopher Rosik called “A Proposal For the Development of Treatment Guidelines For Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions.” This talk appears to be a response to Warren Throckmorton’s and Mark Yarhouse’s Sexual Identity Therapy Framework, which outgoing NARTH president Joseph Nicolosi has already rejected.

Rosik’s previous stab at this subject is nothing more than a common Cameron-esque anti-gay tract which pulls medical science out of context to re-pathologize gays and lesbians. In fact, it is so Cameron-esque that he cites three separate papers by Paul Cameron, two to claim that gays and lesbians have a significantly shorter lifespan than anyone else, and another to claim that child sexual abuse “causes” homosexuality.” I wonder if Rosik’s talk at NARTH will be significantly different?

Do These Folks Agree With Cameron’s “Solution”

Jim Burroway

May 14th, 2007

Dr. Warren Throckmorton has also posted about Paul Cameron’s disturbing views expressed in Cameron’s article, “Gays in Nazi Germany.” Dr. Throckmorton concludes:

Suffice to say that Dr. Cameron is not simply ideologically opposed to homosexuality, he is fixated on “solutions” that I find abhorrent. I call on fellow social conservatives who still refer to the Camerons’ work to take a hard look at these posts and reflect on whether someone with such extreme animosity could possibly approach social science data with sufficient objectivity to be trusted.

When Ex-Gay Watch pointed out that Exodus was using Cameron’s research, Exodus finally responded by removing those web pages from their web site. On the other hand, NARTH has so far failed to act.

I wonder how many of these individuals, organizations and publishers agree with Paul Cameron’s Solution for those who live “parasitic lives”?

E-mail me or leave a comment if you find someone who is using Cameron’s “science” and I’ll add them to the list.

American Family Association:
Americans For Truth:
Concerned Women For America:
Ears To Hear:
Evergreen International:
Family Research Council:
International Healing Foundation (Richard Cohen):
Lifesite News:
National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH):
One News Now:
Renew America:
Virtue Online:

Let me know if you find any others.